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How Round1 Achieved a 90% Reduction in Man-Hours & 10% Decrease in Operational Costs

Round1 Bowling and Amusement is the ultimate entertainment spot for the entire family with wall-to-wall attractions including bowling, arcade games, karaoke, billiards, and delicious food.

Round1 successfully established its national brand in Japan, opening in 1993, and in 2008, expanded overseas to the United States for continued growth.

Round1 Grapevine, located inside Grapevine Mills Mall, opened in 2016 and was its tenth location that installed the Embed solution.

Challenge: Increasing Operational Efficiency and Decreasing Money Loss Due to Oversights

Managing the operations of a large family entertainment center with over 400 games and a multitude of attractions is no simple feat.

Joseph Nguyen, Round1 Grapevine’s General Manager, is a key player in ensuring that Round1 provides a seamless and consistent guest experience while maintaining operational efficiency.

Monitoring game performance provides insights into game popularity and ensures revenue from the game exceeds the cost of operation. Manual processes and longer reporting hours enhance the risk of increased money loss and decreased operational efficiency.

To combat operational oversights, Round1 has relied on Embed’s REPORTS to get real-time business reporting, along with automated scheduling and emailing of reports.

We have to make sure our games are bringing in more revenue than they’re paying out,” Nguyen said. “We monitor different reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to find out how our games are operating. If we waited to check, or if the process took hours, we could potentially lose a lot of money.”


Solution: Customizing Automated Reports & Having Real-Time Data to Make Informed Business Decisions

With 102 available reports and multiple filters and sorting options, Embed offers a powerful range of analysis reports and detailed accounting views.

Taking advantage of all the customizations that Embed offers has enabled Round1 to identify and respond to issues quickly, and the variety of reports that Round1 utilizes has a major effect on their overall workflow and organization.

Three main reports help Round1 make decisions regarding their games – Game Activity, Game History, and Game Play. Round1 views the Game Activity report daily to monitor high and low play revenue-generating games and their ticket payout percentages.

“Games can malfunction, and you won’t know until you go into the game and look, so having the report allows us to save the time and money by responding to alerts quickly,” Nguyen explained.

Viewed monthly, the Game Play report provides a breakdown of plays, and produces evidence surrounding which promotions work best, such as Play Value, Bonus, Time Play or Privileges.

Nguyen explained, “Game Play shows us which game is the most popular and makes the most money. You can see how many times the game was swiped and make sure that the game is always clean and well-maintained for guests to use.”

Round1 generates the Game History report weekly to view detailed information about all plays on the selected game, such as each game swipe, how much is charged, and how many tickets were earned.

“Embed offers 24-hour support and you can call anytime and they’re willing to help, even with simple questions,”  Nguyen said, “I’ve called and needed additional explanation on the Card History report, and they’ve spent the time to help me go through it.”


Results: 90% Reduction in Man-hours and a 10% Decrease in Operational Costs by Automating Reporting Processes

After partnering with Embed, Round1 can now make informed business decisions on their FEC business plan and ensure they are operating at the highest levels by having the facts at their fingertips.

By generating and utilizing automated reports, Round1 has experienced a 90 percent reduction in man-hours, as tasks that could take hours now take minutes. Round1 can view reports in real-time and make necessary adjustments immediately instead of wasting an extended period collecting and analyzing data through manual processes.

Embed’s automated reports provide an average monthly savings of 10 percent in operational costs through real-time error awareness in lieu of manually surveying and calculating game activity.

Rich data from real-time reporting, along with automated scheduling and emailing of reports, enables Round1 to activate the best promotions at peak times to return the highest profits



Round1 Grapevine offers a mix of games and attractions to provide an experience unparalleled by competitors. By leveraging the Embed System and taking advantage of the rich data collected by the software, Round1 has all the operational data and facts at their fingertips and successfully provides an optimized and custom-tailored guest experience to everyone who visits their location.


The Embed Team
The Embed Team
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