Drive Return Visits, Customer Loyalty and a Cult Following 

Do not underestimate the power of games cards, RF Media, and wearable media. They aren’t just a means of payment but are the currency of family entertainment businesses today. 

They act as a key to your loyalty programs, helping your business boost return visits and a larger average guest spend. Embed has redefined the “game card” by combining fashion, textile design, with various materials, and technology to reimagine wearable media.


Pick a Design to see How our Wearables Look:


Snap. Strap. Play!

What happens when you mix the traditional game card with wearable media? Introducing the Breakaway Game Card, the breakthrough innovation that enables guests to pay and play in a snap! Simply break off the removable section of the traditional card, wear it with a fashionable strap and removable toggle, and play! Best of all, this game card can be dispensed via the Embed Kiosk game card dispenser.



Time To Bring Out The Trump Card

Up the ante and be ahead of the game. Bring on the card designs with embossed graphics, printed in full colour on a shimmering metallic base. Or go natural and organic by printing on real wood. These winning card collections are sure to become collectables and inspire a cult following.

Cards Multi

Be A Yardstick of Quality

Never put your neck on the line. Go for the best, trendy and colourful designs that will win any consumer palette at any level.

Wearables cover2-01

Power In The Wrist 

Play to win, is the name of the game. Every detail in design material, ergonomics and style determine the outcome of a tournament. As they say, “it’s all in the wrist.”

Wristbands_Woven & Plastic





“Our experience with the Embed system has been terrific! We attribute the smooth operation of our game room to our smartTouch Swipe readers, even during extremely busy times like Spring Break.


We have been able to reduce the staff in the game room to a single person, because it runs so well now. Guests seem to appreciate the ease of use as well, particularly e-tickets.” 

Robert Pardee, General Manager, Horseshoe Junction Family Fun Park

"The aesthetics of the reader look great on all the games. Being able to have the color differences change between the video games and non-video games really makes it easy for the customer to understand."

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Mark Boyd, Fun Fore All




“Logan was great. He took the time today to listen and figure out what was going on with our card machine.


Thanks for getting the store back up and fully running.”

Katie Housley, 7D Gatlinburg

"People come and they buy a card, and that card is good for everything, everywhere. It's completely merged our system in a way that we're a lot more efficient.'

"The technology and things you can do in that card have expanded our capabilities tremendously with the Embed card."

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Greg Hill, Adventure Sports in Hershey


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