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The Mobile Wallet is a virtual game card that can be added to the Apple Wallet (IOS platform) and Google Pay (Android platform) and used seamlessly to play games. The only FEC business solution that is Apple IOS and Google Android compliant and approved.

It gets customers up and running quickly because there is NO APP TO DOWNLOAD.

A cardholder gets their game card, simply registers it on the Embed Mobile Portal, which immediately gives the customer details of their gamecard: balance Information, ticket counts. The customer can add the virtual game card to their Mobile Wallet.

It has the exact same functionality as the game card, but lives within the guest’s mobile wallet, enabling them to tap and reload their wallet without leaving the game. This allows operators to drive return visits and get to know customer behavior, usage and spending habits. See the details.

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Customer retention and loyalty strategies are an integral part of an entertainment business success plan.

Embed’s Mobile Wallet, part of the Mobile Portal module, is simple and convenient for guests to use.

It's cloud-based, there are no applications to download. Operators can readily bundle offers, drive repeat visits and deepen customer loyalty.

Tap. Repeat. Reload.

We're living in the post queue world, where instant gratification and speed of service matters. The immediacy of reloading the virtual game card equals greater revenue, less manpower, fewer hardware costs, and greater profit.

Guests don't have to stand in line at the kiosk, cashier, balance-check machine and can even use the virtual game card to redeem prizes. They can increase spend and reduce dwell time by easily topping-up without leaving the game. In fact, they can reload their virtual game cards anytime, anywhere. 

Security that Equals Peace of Mind

Game card related information is protected by advanced security and encrypted mobile technology, so you'll no longer experience your guests' lost game cards. There is also a reduced risk for the operators. 






“Our experience with the Embed system has been terrific! We attribute the smooth operation of our game room to our smartTouch Swipe readers, even during extremely busy times like Spring Break.


We have been able to reduce the staff in the game room to a single person, because it runs so well now. Guests seem to appreciate the ease of use as well, particularly e-tickets.” 

Robert Pardee, General Manager, Horseshoe Junction Family Fun Park

"The aesthetics of the reader look great on all the games. Being able to have the color differences change between the video games and non-video games really makes it easy for the customer to understand."

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Mark Boyd, Fun Fore All




“Logan was great. He took the time today to listen and figure out what was going on with our card machine.


Thanks for getting the store back up and fully running.”

Katie Housley, 7D Gatlinburg

"People come and they buy a card, and that card is good for everything, everywhere. It's completely merged our system in a way that we're a lot more efficient.'

"The technology and things you can do in that card have expanded our capabilities tremendously with the Embed card."

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Greg Hill, Adventure Sports in Hershey


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