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Game Card Reader

So fast it leaves your competitors in the dust.

The original inventors of the award-winning Color-Glo technology, we continue to lead the industry today with our all-new Embed Game Card Readers that are unlike anything else in the market. Industry benchmark features are standard: Playwave® contactless, touchscreen, dual speaker audio, dual ticket operation, and so much more. 

+ FASTER processing power at 528 MHz

+ SUPERCHARGED 512 MB DDR3 RAM at 800-2133 MHz

+ SUPERSIZED Storage at 4 GB EMMC Flash

+ BUILT TO TRANSMIT DATA at 2.4 & 5 GHz, Wi-Fi 6 Antenna

+ SUPER SIGNAL at 23 dBm (within wireless range set by the FCC)

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smartTOUCHTM Tap Arcade Card Reader

tap arcade card reader


  • 3.2” HD touchscreen
  • Multiple bracket options to allow different orientation when mounting

smartTOUCHTM Swipe Arcade Card Reader

swipe arcade card reader


  • 2.8" HD touchscreen
  • Dual mag. heads improve successful card reads
  • Supports contactless cards/media and mag/ stripe cards.

TOOLKIT_smartTOUCH Arcade card reader logoGame Card Reader Features

Tap. Swipe. Profit.

Game play means revenue, the more the better, so make it seamless and easy for your guest. See the details..

  • Easy Configuration. Set up new readers with one TAP of a Playwave® Staff Card
  • Midway Mode. One attendant has full control over readers in multi-station games
  • Installers Mode. Test all game functions, including tickets, without connection to the system


TOOLKIT_smartTOUCH Arcade card reader logoImproves Guest Experience

Designed with the guest in mind, so they can enjoy the games while being delighted with engaging features and ease of use.

  • Flexible Game Play Options 
    • Celebrate without tickets during Time Play
    • Mercy tickets let guests win, even when they don’t, so they can keep playing and feel like they’re winning.
    • Set up 3 tiers of ticket payout celebrations.
  • Configurable Colour-Glo match the colour of the game console and furniture or can signify the difference between video, redemption, and merchandise games.
  • Ease of Checking Balance. Every smartTOUCH can work as check balance station showing credit, points and time balance.
  • Mobile Wallet Ready. Guests can use their mobile phone to pay, tap and play.


TOOLKIT smartTOUCH arcade card reader logoSaves Hassle & Time

Engineered to work with less man-hours, easy to install, operate and maintain. Best of all you can do away with tokens and tickets.

  • No more coin, token jams or claims for staff to pursue and troubleshoot.
  • No more labour-intensive coin collections and reconciliations.
  • Easy to install arcade debit game card readers. Easy to maintain and have limited impact on game cabinet.
  • Main paper ticket, convert to e-ticket, or allow dual operation with individual player preference for paper or e-ticket.


TOOLKIT_smartTOUCH_Logo_Horizontal IndexSaves Money & Grow Profits

Operational efficiency and modernizing goes a long way to increase profitability. Realise instant savings, and increase customer revenues.

  • Dramatic savings in game maintenance without ticket dust and ticket jams.
  • Operate with electronic tickets for big savings in ticket sourcing and handling costs.
  • Ticket retention rates are higher when the tickets are added to guest cards, lowers overall cost of goods sold (COGS).
  • Accept E-tickets, points or credits as payment to play games, a great option for small game rooms that do not want a redemption counter or PrizeHub.


TOOLKIT+smartTOUCH Game Card Reader logo

Supercharge your Debit Game Card Reader

Combine it with the complete software solutions platform, TOOLKIT.

  • BOOKINGS allows guests to book parties and events on their own devices anytime, anywhere.
  • REPORTS gives you real-time reporting from one or many venues, along with automated scheduling and emailing of reports.
  • CGM keeps all the data in one safe place so you don’t have to worry about losing data at the store level or maintaining a server farm
  • GURU lets you manage all your back-of-house functions and configurations for the TOOLKIT solution suite.

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