Training Events Sponsored by Embed

When You Grow, We Glow

Embed understands the importance of professional development through business training. That’s why we sponsor many organisations that are making a positive impact on the family entertainment industry and equipping and empowering our customers for success. These industry organisations and events are great places to learn, network, and grow personally and professionally.

Free Scholarship Opportunities

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the industry or a seasoned veteran; there is always something new to learn! Embed is interested in fostering the growth of our customer’s businesses. We have the opportunity to offer a number of free scholarships to a few of the events we sponsor.

Because when you grow, we glow.

Upcoming Training Events Sponsored by Embed

Birthday University

Apr 14-15 (Virtual)
Aug 18-19 (Atlanta)
Oct 27-28 (Orlando)

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Amusement 360

Aug 24-26 (Indianapolis)

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May 6
June 2 & 3
July 1
July 28 & 29 
August 5
Sept 1 & 2
Sept 3
Oct 7 
Dec 2

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FUNstruction Results

Stay Tuned!

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