Challenge: Limited Resources Amid A Global Pandemic


Like many in the industry, Scary Strokes was not immune to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Forced to close for three months, Scary Strokes recently reopened their doors on June 19, looking to revitalize their FEC in a post-pandemic environment.

Before the pandemic, one of Scary Strokes’ ongoing challenges was increasing their brand awareness. Both Doug and LaNeta have full-time jobs in addition to owning Scary Strokes, which is nearing its third anniversary. Leading up to the quarantine period and mandated closing of their business, Scary Strokes was booming. “We had the feeling of finally being established, people knowing about us, and then the walls came crashing down,” Roth told us. “It’s been a hard transition because now we feel like we’re starting from square one to a certain extent.”

Since they are a small mom-and-pop family entertainment center, Scary Strokes had to get creative to maintain guest engagement and prepare for a successful and safe reopening.

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Client: Scary Strokes

Overview: Scary Strokes, located in Waldorf, MD, is the passion project of husband-wife duo Doug and LaNeta Roth. This 11,000 square-foot family entertainment center offers the ultimate entertainment experience for the entire family at affordable prices, with attractions including 18-hole blacklight mini-golf, a virtual reality Omni arena, arcade, prize redemption center, and full-service Graveyard Grill. 

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