Challenge: Establishing the Brand as the Leader in the European Market


Before working with Embed, one of Veltmeijer Group’s ongoing challenges was creating a unique experience for its guests at each of its locations while simultaneously future-proofing the business and reinforcing their position as a leader in the European market. Roger Tubée, known for his commitment to the industry’s evolution and being a technology pioneer, was a key stakeholder in overcoming this challenge. He enlisted the help of Embed to develop competitive solutions and offerings for his guests. 

Veltmeijer Group partnered with Embed for its hardware and software solutions, including kiosks, game card readers, game cards, point of sale machines, prize redemption system, and central games management software that connects games across multiple FECs. It’s all integrated by a business software that enables clear business visibility, tracking, and reporting.


Client: Veltmeijer Group

Overview: Veltmeijer Group is an ambitious, growing organization where a unique experience is created by a committed, passionate team, solidifying their position as one of the major European players within the field of arcades, indoor playgrounds, and attractions. Their state-of-the-art facilities offer guests an unrivaled experience with the latest arcade games and attractions, including air hockey, pinball machines, virtual reality, motion simulators, and more!