Arcade Game Cards

The Currency of Family Entertainment Businesses Today

Do not underestimate the power of games cards. They aren’t just a means of payment but act as a key to your loyalty programmes, helping your business boost return visits and a larger average guest spend. Our unique hybrid cards offer our Playwave® Contactless and magnetic strip in one card, allowing guests to seamlessly roam between all your locations.

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Personalised Card Designs and Packages

This is a great way to build your branding. Let our talented designers create stunning, personalised cards for your guests that they’ll want to keep.

Embed also designs completely custom graphic packages for your location’s kiosk skins and card reader screen artwork.

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Browse card design options with a wide variety of designs.

Built-in Loyalty Programmes

As part of the TOOLKIT solution, Embed’s card system comes with an integrated loyalty component, allowing you to define a tiered loyalty program that connects you with your guests, driving return visits and higher spend.

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Build loyalty with your guests

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“Leading the FUN means having cutting-edge technology. When we approached Embed with creating the technology for a digital card experience for both Apple & Android phones, they were as excited as D&B. Nobody else in our industry has this functionality.”

Pete Stearns, Sr. Director, Midway Operations, Dave & Buster’s, NASA

“Embed is the Rolls-Royce of the industry & that is why we partner with them”

Sonaal Chopra, Group CEO, TEEG, APAC

"Embed’s smartTOUCH debit card readers are the benchmark in the FEC sector in terms of cashless payments for amusement games. And that’s why we opened 9 Gamestate locations with Embed systems and looking forward to growing further with Embed.”

Roger Tubee, Joint-CEO, Veltmeijer Group, EMEA

“60% revenue increase from our best years when we were open 7 days a week with full staff – that’s how profitable we are now operating only 4 days a week with Embed.”

Chris & Jennifer Donner, Owners, Game Over Arcade, NASA

“One of the things that made us choose Embed from the very beginning was the ease of use for someone who was all very new to the industry, as well as the great reporting feature that gives you the ability to look at every aspect of your industry and make business decisions to be the most successful. I highly recommend using Embed.”

Marcus Kemblowski, Chief Operating Officer, Apex Entertainment, NASA

“There is no doubt when it comes to card systems, Embed is the best. They make the process easy, enjoyable, and ultimately takes the pressure off business owners by providing a reliable system.”

Emily Pattison, Co-owner, Zone Out Arcade