Arcade Game Cards

The Currency of Family Entertainment Businesses Today

Do not underestimate the power of games cards. They aren’t just a means of payment but act as a key to your loyalty programmes, helping your business boost return visits and a larger average guest spend. Our unique hybrid cards offer our Playwave® Contactless and magnetic strip in one card, allowing guests to seamlessly roam between all your locations.

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Personalised Card Designs and Packages

This is a great way to build your branding. Let our talented designers create stunning, personalised cards for your guests that they’ll want to keep.

Embed also designs completely custom graphic packages for your location’s kiosk skins and card reader screen artwork.


Browse card design options with a wide variety of designs.

Built-in Loyalty Programmes

As part of the TOOLKIT solution, Embed’s card system comes with an integrated loyalty component, allowing you to define a tiered loyalty program that connects you with your guests, driving return visits and higher spend.


Build loyalty with your guests

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“David Carrera was great to work with. He was very helpful to me, patient and polite. It was an enjoyable process. If there’s such a thing, thanks for the successful deployment of Heartland with another customer.” 


David Hanna, Hog Wild




"When you call and you get a knowledgeable and competent support person or sales person, that you say hey, there's a need and it might not even be a problem, it might just be 'can I do this?'... I feel like I am heard. Makes me feel more comfortable with Embed."

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Luke Robinson, Visalia Adventure Park



“Our experience with the Embed system has been terrific! We attribute the smooth operation of our game room to our smartTouch Swipe readers, even during extremely busy times like Spring Break. We have been able to reduce the staff in the game room to a single person, because it runs so well now. Guests seem to appreciate the ease of use as well, particularly e-tickets.” 


Robert Pardee, General Manager, Horseshoe Junction Family Fun Park


"The technology and things you can do in that card have expanded our capabilities tremendously." 

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Greg Hill, Adventure Sports In Hershey

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