Challenge: Becoming a “Go-To” Destination for Families and Parties


Before working with Embed, Pizza Ranch had the vision to become not only a destination for legendary pizza and The Country’s Best Chicken® but also an entertainment destination for both kids and adults. Pizza Ranch researched ways to bring in additional revenue streams and separate themselves from the competition to attract more families and parties. The answer was an arcade with the latest and greatest games accompanied by a redemption center with high-end prizes. Mark Souba, Chief Development Officer, is an integral part of the successful deployment of FunZone arcades within the Pizza Ranch organization.

It was important for Pizza Ranch to go with a sole integrated business solutions provider as they built the FunZone brand’s infrastructure, thus leading them to exclusively partner with Embed to create a cohesive, integrated solution across all their franchise locations. “We have a complete structure around the FunZone business, and we’re poised for growth and supportability for our franchisees,” said Souba.

PizzaRanch FunZone Logo-01

Client: Pizza Ranch, FunZone

Overview: Founded in 1981 in Hull, Iowa, Pizza Ranch offers an all-day pizza buffet, including a salad bar and The Country’s Best Chicken®. Select locations also offer a FunZone arcade, an entertainment destination for kids and adults, featuring the latest games and a full-service redemption center. In 2010, franchise owners in Sioux Falls, SD began to research the idea of adding an arcade into their locations, and thus, the FunZone arcade was born. It operated as the sole location until 2016 when additional franchise owners began opening FunZone arcades in their facilities as a means for an additional revenue stream for Pizza Ranch.