Challenge: Offering the Ultimate Guest Experience While Operating

Outdated Technology 

Before partnering with Embed, one of Fun Land’s ongoing challenges was providing a superior guest experience while operating on outdated business technology. Clint Novak, General Manager, knew the limitations of their technology were impacting their guest experience. “The guest experience is the aspect that I concentrate on the most because I’m a guest everywhere else I go,” Novak said. “I try to bring my experience elsewhere back to the park and improve how we’re doing it.”

Novak knew it was time to make a change and decided to partner with Embed because of the enhanced technology and integration with CenterEdge. Fun Land partnered with Embed for its hardware and software solutions that include kiosks, game card readers, game cards, and RFID technology-enabled wristbands.


Client: Fun Land of Fredericksburg

Overview: Fun Land of Fredericksburg is Virginia’s premier destination for fun, with attractions including over 100 arcade games, Twist-n-Shout, Buzzy’s Spin Out, Laser Tag, XD Dark Ride, Clip-n-Climb, Mini Bowling, Hologate VR, Batting Cages, Tilt-A-Whirl, and Thunder Speedway - Virginia’s first and only multi-level go-kart track that is three stories tall and over 1,700 feet long! 

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