Business Challenge


As a street operator, Midwest Coin partners with local businesses to transform vacant spaces into arcades, providing them with turn-key entertainment solutions. Midwest Coin had the opportunity to partner with Space Aliens, a small, regional chain of outer space themed restaurants, to construct a 1200 sq. foot game room. They set up the entire game room, created the layout and displays, customized equipment to the restaurant’s theme, and opened the game room on tokens and tickets.

Over time, Midwest Coin began researching how to automate their process with a cashless business solutions and implemented the Embed system, allowing them to go completely cashless with an integrated solution that includes contactless card readers and self-service kiosks.

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Client: Midwest Coin

Overview: Midwest Coin Concepts manages a diverse list of locations including restaurants, bars & taverns, family entertainment centers, bowling centers, movie theatres, hotels, casinos, and more. With origins based in Minnesota, Midwest Coin Concepts used their experience gained over the last 45-plus years to develop into a nationwide leader of amusement entertainment.

Today, they have grown to employ more than 50 employees across three locations, headquartered in Waite Park, Minnesota as well as locations in Superior and Menomonie Wisconsin.