Challenge: The Pandemic


Who opens a new family entertainment business during a pandemic? In June 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, Ticket Time opened its doors for business. Hear how Luke Phillips, an amusement arcade business owner in Southport, Queensland Australia, thrived during the worst of times because he could clearly see the opportunities in the now.

Opening a brand new arcade amid a global pandemic would have many raising their eyebrows, but not Luke Phillips, Owner of Ticket Time.

Ticket Time opened in June 2020, just in time for the school holidays in Australia, but immediately encountered the business challenge of Australian inter-state travel restrictions (and border closures), severely impacting the revenue from tourism. With limited staff plus the challenge of implementing the extensive COVID government-mandated regulations for operation, like capacity management, guest arrival check-in for tracking and tracing purposes, social distancing requirements, etc., Luke Phillips knew he needed to implement a system that can act as his “staff” without compromising his customers’ experience.

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Client: Ticket Time

Overview: Opened in June 2020, Ticket Time, an amusement arcade located in Southport, Queensland Australia, boasts fun, new experiences you won’t find anywhere else in Australia.

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