Challenge: Updating a Cashless System from a Ticket-and-Token Arcade

Before working with Embed, Putting Edge had the vision to change the miniature golf industry by making it an indoor experience infused with blacklight technology – what they call “Illuminated Play.” In their earlier days, they also operated coin-op non-redemption arcade games for adults and kids to enjoy while waiting for their turn at mini-golf.

As soon as they started expanding in Canada in the first couple of years in the business, Putting Edge wanted to further elevate their business and did extensive research on different cashless systems to replace their ticket-and-token based arcade.

Putting Edge logo

Client: Putting Edge


Founded in 1995 in Brampton, Ontario, Putting Edge pioneered the industry of glow-in-the-dark miniature golf, working with vendors to create items like glow-in-the-dark putters that are used by other similar businesses today. Each location offers a custom-built, hand-painted 18-hole course ranging from one to two-storey, and a glow-in-the-dark arcade to match.