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Blueprint for Success: The Essential Guide to Your FEC's Transformational Growth

Learn about the key elements you need to build the foundation of your family entertainment center's success. 

Your Complete Guide on How To Become an FEC of the Future


See how your business can skyrocket to the next level today, fuelled by the technology of tomorrow - with insider tips and insights you can use.

How to Start a Family Entertainment Center Business


Take a deep dive into the ins and outs of starting an FEC business with key analyses and insights from industry leaders and innovators.


How to Hire a General Manager for Family Entertainment Center Business


Backfill this vital role for your family entertainment center using insights, tips, and tricks from the best hiring and recruitment gurus in the business.

Enhancing the Experience & Building Loyalty with Cashless Solutions

Find out how cashless solutions like Mobile Wallet, kiosks, and business intelligence dashboards can help you achieve a superior guest experience and build a strong customer loyalty base that future-proofs your FEC.

Embed Speaks with blooloop's Chief Editor on What's New at IAAPA 2023

Catch Embed's CEO Renee Welsh as she talks about the latest tech innovations for FECs. Plus, get a sneak peek of Embed's exciting new announcements for IAAPA Expo Orlando 2023.

4 Ways FECs Can Benefit From Going Cashless

Here are the upsides of making the transition from manual operations to digital through cashless solutions like the Mobile Wallet - directly impacting revenue, reducing costs, and elevating the guest experience.

Smooth Operations = Happier Guests: how to transform FECs with Cloud-based solutions

Discover how Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions transform FECs, like how the award-winning Mobile Wallet shapes FECs' profitability, operations, and guest experience with its cashless, contactless, and easy-to-use nature.

How To Deal With Daunting Data

One way to future-proof your family entertainment business is by going digital and using your FEC data to your advantage. Here's how Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions like a data visualisation dashboard can help you transition manual data work to the cloud for real-time visibility and faster management.

Data in a dash: powering the FEC of the future

Find out more about STATS, the data and reports visualisation platform developed with and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), and see how operators like you can improve operational efficiency and boost income using data.

The results of Embed’s Mobile Wallet: creating new opportunities for FECs

Check out the Embed Mobile Wallet metric results showing a 5x increase in average reload value versus cash and credit card, with 60% of reloads happening outside the venue before guests enter the FEC. This virtual game card enables FECs like Magic Planet to experience business transformation and growth by embracing innovation.

The Tech That’s Transforming The Industry Of Fun: Business Operations, The Revenue Landscape And The Consumer Journey

The pandemic accelerated the low-touch economy, and consumers are expecting safer, faster, and instant ways to engage businesses. Learn about how digital solutions, business intelligence dashboards, and contactless modes of transactions elevate the FEC guest experience, affecting your bottom line.


For the first time in our company's history we've recorded the working sessions and strategy sessions with industry partners and our largest customers to share their insights on how the current situation might evolve and shared their winning tactics and advice, making it available to the industry via #EmbedLIVE with the hopes of bringing the industry together via knowledge-sharing and cross-pollinating ideas.