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At Embed, we are on a mission to ENABLE, EMPOWER and EASE the business of fun - and this is more important than ever given the current climate. Embed is committed to navigating and weathering this storm together, so while we work remotely, we aim to bring our global community together, with #EmbedLIVE -  a series of videos that include episodes with opinion leaders across a variety of industries. 

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GETTING TO THE OTHER SIDE: Serving Up Good Clean Fun

26th August 2020

It is apt that we cover the area of cleaning and hygiene given the industry is putting more resources behind cleaning than ever before. This webinar covers facts, the alternatives and explore Elevated Hygiene Solutions that are more effective, require less cleaning frequency and last longer (while costing less). The aim: serving up Good Clean Fun in our homes and across our business facilities (while keeping employees, businesses, customers and communities safe).


21st October, 2020

It’s unequivocal, undebatable and 100% certain: A new type of customer will emerge from this pandemic. After a long lock-down period the surge of consumers will emerge and only go to businesses they perceive as safe. They will be more conscious of hygiene, price and social distancing than ever before. It’s all about the low-touch economy. People don’t want to touch cash, coins, papers.


As we continue to evolve to today's rapidly changing business world during this pandemic, we're keeping our thumb on the pulse of key industry issues.  Marketing and Sales leaders need to operate simultaneously across three horizons: planning for the recovery, and leading the next normal. This webinar will focus on how businesses can accelerate what they do and how they work to capture revenue quickly for recovery through relevant marketing activities, commercial campaigns that drives positive results and growth.

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Renee Welsh
CEO, Embed
Invest In Your Personal Brand And Be Ready For The Upturn.

Chris Reed
Global LinkedIn Expert,
Black Marketing 

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What Will Business Be Like After This Pandemic?

Pete Stearns
Snr Director, Dave & Busters (Midway Ops) 

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Dan Snook

Journalist, Intergame

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FEC of the Future

Andy Welsh
CTO, Embed
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Surviving The Odds

Christine Buhr
Owner & CEO,
Shakers Fun Centre

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How Attractions Are Responding To Covid-19

Charles Read
Founder & Managing Director

Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Measures

Silvio Liedtke
CEO, Landmark Leisure
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amusementrecovery.com: Your education & resources centre to help amusement businesses endure the COVID-19 shutdown

Danny Gruening
VP Marketing, Creative Works

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Marketing Strategies To Get Your Business On Track

John Collins
Creative Director & Owner,
John Collins Consulting

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How Will The Entertainment Industry Emerge Stronger After This Pandemic?

Prakash Vivekanand
Managing Director,
Amusement Services International LLC

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5 ways for businesses to thrive during COVID-19

Beth Standlee
Founder & CEO, Trainertainment

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Pizza Ranch Knows How to Prepare for Opening Day.

Mark Souba
Chief Development Officer
Pizza Ranch
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Insight into Foundations University’s mission to support, connect and drive evolution 

Jerry Merola
Managing Partner
Foundations University
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How Will Your Operations and Project Management Look Like Post COVID-19?

Alan Kumpf
Managing Partner
Funstruction Results
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Replay Magazine's Role During This Time & The Birth of Coin-Op United - symbol of emblem of strength.

Key Snodgress & Ingrid Milkes
VP / Editorial Director & Circulation
Replay Magazine
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Innovation In Startups Combined with Resilience, Grit and Strength of Survivors to Overcome Crisis.

Michelle Duval
Life Coach | Author | Serial Entrepreneur
Fingerprint For Success

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What the Next 18 Months Can Look Like, if Leaders Buy Us Time

Tomás Pueyo
The Hammer & The Dance

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Social Distancing With A Heart At Pyndan Camel Tracks

Julia Burke
Owner & Operator
Pyndan Camel Tracks

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AMOA Pivots Focus to Support, Inspire, and Fight For Industry Relief During COVID-19.

Lori Schneider
Executive Vice President

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Navigating The New Landscape In a Post COVID-19 Environment

Steve Short
General Manager
Bandai Namco 

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How Global Businesses Can Find Opportunity in The Now


Andy White
Senior Vice President
DMG Events

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Thriving During a Pandemic: Opening a New Business & Pop-Up Arcades

Luke Phillips
Ticket Time 

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How Scary Strokes Prospered During The Pandemic


Doug Roth
President & CEO
Scary Strokes

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