Challenge: Offering the Ultimate Guest Experience While Operating Without an Integrated Business Solution


Before partnering with Embed, one of Laser Bounce’s ongoing challenges was modernizing and offering guests a more consistent experience while reducing costs. Ryan D’Amico, Co-Owner and General Manager, knew the limitations of not having a cashless business solution was impacting the guest experience. “Implementing the Embed system brought several benefits,” D’Amico said. “Cost-savings from not purchasing tickets and tokens, labor-savings from not counting them [no paper jams requiring service and repair), the ease of use, and increase in guest satisfaction – it’s a crucial part of our business."

D’Amico knew it was time to get his father (Laser Bounce’s co-owner) on board to bring the enhanced technology of the Embed system into their location. Laser Bounce partnered with Embed for its hardware and software solutions, including kiosks, game card readers, game cards, point of sale machines, prize redemption system, and central games management software connecting games across multiple FECs. It’s all integrated by a business software that enables clear business visibility, tracking, and reporting.

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Client: Laser Bounce

Overview: Laser Bounce is New York’s premier family fun center offering fun for everyone. Attractions include arcade games, bowling, laser tag, Hologate VR, Ballocity arena, Bounce arena, Mission: Impossible, and more. This family-owned and operated business began in Long Island in 2010 and recently expanded to a second location in Queens, NY, in 2018. By combining “mom-and-pop” hospitality with corporate amenities, Laser Bounce offers its guests the total package with an enhanced guest experience.