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It’s a No Brainer: Game Card Readers Simplify the FEC

Game card readers, just like game cards and RFID wearables, aren’t the future of FECs they’re the present (not the new normal, the old normal). They deliver an unequivocal boost to customer experience, whilst simultaneously assisting businesses in minimizing costs, driving revenue. Period. Not convinced? Read on... 

Customer Experience

Compared to the coin and token system, one of the most noticeable improvements from the customer’s perspective, is the added convenience of being able to tap and play. Carrying around coins or tickets whilst in your venue is cumbersome for the consumer. The ability to quickly tap and play without having to worry about carrying all the coins and tickets vastly improves the customer experience. There is zero debate about it.


Efficiency for a Business

The game card readers also offer businesses the ability to seamlessly change the price of games and take into account different customers. This is useful when an FEC has a loyalty system that rewards different tiered members with increasing discounts on games. It can also be used in conjunction with marketing strategies and promotions. For example if you are running a special event, you can change the price for the duration of the event, which can easily be done with game card readers.

Additionally, coin and ticket systems are quite costly to an FEC due to their unreliable nature and regular breakdowns. Ticket jams and dust build-ups are a regular occurrence and negatively impact the customer experience, increase pressures on your employees to get the games up and running again, and reduce your revenue earning potential. Game card readers not only eliminate these unwanted issues, they work the reverse way in improving customer experience, simplifying employee roles and increasing your FEC’s potential to earn revenue


Tracking Spend

Another great benefit of a game card reader is its ability to link back to the software which keeps track of customer spending (giving you a granular level of transparency to business performance). This has deeper analytical purposes as you can look at spending patterns to see where you are succeeding and where you can improve. This can be used when identifying areas that need to be improved as well as setting and assessing goals for the FEC.

Tracking spending is a great benefit, especially when linked with tiered loyalty cards. A game card reader will allow FECs to develop loyalty programs with tiers based around level of spending. Both you and your customers are aware of your progress in real time and they can receive their added benefits immediately. 



Embed’s smartTOUCH is an award-winning solution for FECs looking for a game card reader. It simplifies the FEC with its easy configuration and the ability to quickly make any changes. smartTOUCH is the benchmark for the industry, not only for its technical capabilities but also its great design through the use of Color-Glo technology (adjustable colour to match the game and/or game room). The main feature of smartTOUCH is the link with Playwave, the card used in conjunction with the game card reader. Further features include a touchscreen, dual speaker audio, and dual ticket operation.



The FEC industry is rapidly advancing, it has never been more important to stay up to date with technology. Customer experience relies heavily on quick transactions and technologically advanced interactions. These conditions make a game card reader a must-have for any FEC looking to stay relevant and successful. Game card readers will not only keep you relevant to consumers, but they also have great benefits for FECs to give you the edge over the competition.

The Embed Team
The Embed Team
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