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FEC 2.0: Getting to the Other Side

We’ve distilled key insights Family Entertainment 2.0, Getting to the Other Side to help you rewrite your history with a better, stronger business operation for the consumer who awaits.

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Embed has been super busy working closely with our partners and customers, sharing their insights on how the current situation might evolve, profiling the actions they have taken and strategies they have implemented to cope and plan for reopening. This has helped a number of customers apply different strategies and perspectives to their operations.

We recorded and made these conversations and working sessions available to the industry via our EmbedLIVE series and we distilled the insights in the following downloadable report: Family Entertainment 2.0, Getting to the Other Side


Here’s what we know for sure: when FECs re-open their doors again, the customer awaiting us will be different. It’s unequivocal, undebatable and 100% certain:

  • A new type of customer will emerge from this pandemic. After a long-lock-down period the surge of consumers will emerge and only go to businesses they perceive as safe.
  • They will be more conscious of hygiene, price and social distancing than ever before.
  • People don’t want to touch cash, coins, papers, anything that transmits viruses.
  • This acts as a forcing function for our industry to became contactless overnight.

At Embed, we want to do our part to support our customers prepare for their reopening day, which is why we are giving away our latest award-winning innovation, the Mobile Wallet, free for 1-year to everyone. It’s a virtual game card sits in the mobile wallet so you can offer your customers a contactless payment and FEC experience. No app required. It’s the most seamless contactless product on the market.

Plus we are in the process of adding capacity management to our Mobile Portal, which will also be included! We are giving this to all our new and existing customers for free.

This is the most powerful demonstration of our commitment to our customers and our industry’s recovery. This is Embed’s Covid-19 Relief Act.

There's no mistaking that we are going the contactless social distance with you!

Register to get it for free. << Click this link

The Embed Team
The Embed Team
Sharing our knowledge to help you enable your business of fun.

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