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FAQ - Covid Relief Act

Does the Mobile Wallet work with all phone manufacturers?  

The Mobile Wallet works on all Android and Apple phones. It is the only FEC business solution that is Apple iOS and Google Android compliant and approved, with no app to download. 

Which other companies in the industry offer the Mobile Wallet?  

Embed is the first and only FEC cashless business solution to offer the Mobile Wallet, making Embed the only non-banking finance-payment or loyalty-card business and brand card that sits in the mobile wallet. 

Why should our FEC offer the Mobile Wallet to guests?

The Mobile Wallet, in conjunction with the Mobile Portal, enables a contactless mode of managing guest cards, payments and game play. It simplifies the guest experience and allows them to manage their cards remotely. 

What system requirements do we need to add the Mobile Wallet/Portal?

Embed's TOOLKIT software is required. smartTOUCH is a great to have, but not a must. The Mobile Wallet is only available through the smartTOUCH readers but V5 and AIO customers can still receive all the benefits of the Mobile Portal component. 

How will we announce this new offering to our guests throughout our locations? 

Embed is giving operators a comprehensive go-to-market toolkit to enable them to launch the service and drive uptake in their operations. The toolkit includes a range of marketing assets: digital marketing banners and social media posts, posters in every size, clings, table-tops, wobblers, employee T-shirts and caps, instructions and how to’s, including employee cheat-sheets. To request this toolkit, click here.  

Who are your biggest competitors in the industry for the Mobile Wallet/Portal?

We are the only one in our industry offering this tech in the industry and we are the only non-banking / non-loyalty business in the world putting cards in the Apple and Google wallets (and the only solution that is Apple IOS and Google Pay certified).

Is there a minimum contract associated with the 12 month free offering?

This is the Embed COVID-19 Relief Act and it is free, which means no minimum contract. This is the most powerful demonstration of Embed’s commitment to its customers and industry’s recovery. 

Which payment processor is compatible with the Mobile Wallet?

The credit card processor that Embed has chosen as our trusted partner is OpenEdge, a subsidiary of Global Payments Integrated. 

Is it possible to customize the Mobile Portal to reflect my branding?

Yes! You can upload your FEC’s logo, select a background of your choice and select your preferred theme on the Mobile Portal.   

Will our readers still work with gamecards? 

Yes! The Mobile Wallet is a new feature that works in addition to the vast array of Embed's existing game play offerings, such as games cards, RF Media, and wearable media.

Will Embed need to install the Mobile Wallet/Portal onsite?
No, we are practicing social distancing and are able to remotely deploy the Mobile  Wallet & Portal.  

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