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Redefining "Fun" Post COVID-19

After months of being cooped up in quarantine, consumers are excited to gather outdoors in a surge of domestic fun as cities loosen restrictions and FECs reopen. 

Now more than ever, there will be greater emphasis on the guest experience, but in the new normal, what does the essence of guest service look like?

No one has experienced a “pandemic” before. Have you? We haven’t. Everyone will remember where they were when COVID-19 was declared a “pandemic” and where they were when the lockdown restrictions lifted. Your FEC is more than games and attractions, it’s the place for your community to get out and connect, socialize, and interact with the world again. The first consumers to venture out will be excited and grateful to be out; they will be just as happy about your location being open as you are.

Reopening your location impacts your entire community. Creating a safe place for your guests to get out of the house is a semblance of normalcy for everyone, your guests, your staff and yourself.

But, make no mistake about it, the consumers reemerging from lockdown are different; they will not go to any businesses they perceive as unsafe. The little things you do to create a safe, inviting environment go a long way. Offering a friendly face, good food, good fun, and a clean facility are the basic stepping stones to creating that environment for your patrons.

Some tips to help you create a welcoming atmosphere:

  • Clear communication (eMail and social media) and signage (posters, decals, signage) of the steps taken to ensure a safe environment for the family.
  • Put a mask on it, even if you disagree and/or don’t want to wear a mask, it’s a measure that will reassure your customers, employees and your community.
  • Have hand-sanitisers readily available across your venue.
  • Implement social distancing measures like stickers on the floor, and signs on the games that are offline.
  • Place hand-washing reminders in the restroom. Posters reminding guests of the measures they can take to help fight the spread (which also reassures your guests).
  • And, you may want to consider guest screening and check-in, taking temperatures at the door and registering your guests. This measures reassures everyone that you are not letting anyone into the venue who is running a temperature, and should something arise, you will contact them (via contact tracing).
  • Put a face to the mask – take an unmasked, smiling picture of your staff to attach to their name badge.
  • Be positive and reassure your guests that you'll get through this time together. 

Your guests have limited leisure time with their families and limited budgets, so getting them out of the house and into your FEC has to be special, unique, and provide the best bang for their buck (value offers). 

People will pay to be safe, happy, and have fun with their family – and they’ll come back again if you make them feel safe and welcomed.

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Brittany Gooding
Brittany Gooding
Content writer by day, toddler mom by night. When Brittany isn’t checking grammar or chasing her toddler, you can find her sipping coffee, watching The Office, or organizing her pen collection. You can find Brittany on LinkedIn.

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