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Making Lemonade Out of Lemons

“Those who understand the changes in customer demand and react with speed and enthusiasm will emerge stronger than ever from the crisis.” said Hermann Simon, a business expert in strategy, marketing, and pricing.


Take QuarterWorld, a Portland arcade, as an exceptional example of understanding the changes in customer demand and reacting swiftly.    They pivoted their business in a mere 24-hours!

Last Friday, March 13th, as they witnessed the coronavirus outbreak unfold and the World Health Organization declare it a pandemic, they knew their doors were closing as residents were being asked to self-quarantine and stay home (for 4-weeks of social distancing).


So, they closed their doors ahead of the mandate and did something they’ve never done before: offered a monthly rental service of their pinball machines; ideal for anyone working from home, students stuck at home, practicing social distancing.


Logan Bowden, Director of Operations at QuarterWorld, shared with the Oregonian, “They are pinballs…we felt it was, like, our obligation to the community to keep them safe… given the circumstances we decided to open it up to, you know, give a little enjoyment while you’re stuck behind your door. So we opened up everything in the arcade for rent; we’ve had a pretty good response to this.”


Tim Klaus, QuarterWorld Pinball Specialist said “It’s definitely been wild that we pivoted our entire business within a day just to try and stay afloat and tackling new challenges and trying to figure out if we can make this work, so we can get by.”


“We’re all in this together, but apart. Games bring a lot of joy to people… it’s scary, we don’t know what’s gonna happen… remember to look out for each other… there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and we’ll get there.” Said Bowden.

Watch the full QuarterWorld interview with the Oregonian.

Embed Is Here For You

Embed recognizes these are unsettling times, we are working hard to get through this, together. And together, we will.



Sara Paz
Sara Paz
Chief Marketing Officer, Embed. Sara is a seasoned Marketing Professional with a track record in driving transformative business results via award-winning marketing at Fortune-100 MNC’s and Global Top-10 Brands. You can find Sara on Linkedin.

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