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How to Increase Your Arcade Revenue with Promotions & Packages

Arcade and FEC operators are looking for various ways to increase revenue, especially in lean times, without spending more money on advertising or capital investment. One quick and easy way is to make use of existing features in your arcade debit card reader system to set up promotions and packages that will increase your arcade revenue without spending more.

In a recent interview, Embed Strategic Account Manager John Keys, a 16-year veteran in the FEC industry, gave four suggestions of promotions and packages you can run on the Embed arcade debit card system smartTOUCH.

Here are examples of low-cost, high-value promotions that will help increase revenue at your FEC:
  1. Upsells and bundles can be offered either at the point-of-sales by your cashiers or unmanned reload kiosks. In this video, Keys shares how a $20 card reload can become a $27 sale. By offering a $2 bump for an additional $5 value and creating a bundle with a $5 one-hour free video games play, that's a 35% revenue lift for the operator and added value for the guests' money.

  2. Bounce-back offers are promotions that can be delivered via email or messaging to customers whose cards have not been used for a while, provided that they have registered their information at the point-of-sale system. An unmanned kiosk can efficiently get this done, freeing up some time from your manpower. Bounce-back offers can also be linked to a card reload system, where a redeemable offer will be available for more value during the guests' next visits.

  3. VIP loyalty offers are an entitlement you can provide to top-tier guests. For example, VIPs can get free play for their first three video games during any visit. This comes at no cost to you and has a high perceived value for your guests. It can also be tied to a monthly spend minimum which then encourages guests to maintain their VIP status.  

  4. Stay and Play is another customer loyalty program you can implement to reward customers for specific occasions. An example will be a social media promotion where you can offer one-for-one packages to anyone having a birthday at any given week or month.

Deals like these make guests feel they are getting the best value for their money at your venue - and this goes without compromising your bottom line. Get inspired by what other FECs are doing so you can come up with good ideas for promotions and bundling. You can also have a brainstorming session with your staff or your arcade debit card system vendor to get the creative juices flowing.

As John mentioned in the interviews, many operators are only using 10% of an existing POS system's features that can increase an arcade's revenue. The Embed system enables operators to have the flexibility to set up attractive upsells, bundles, and combinations of promotions. This comes with the capability to run unique promotions at different times on different days that you can preset in advance or in real-time, across multi-locations.

Ask us how to get started today.

Brendan Yong
Brendan Yong
Brendan's the Global Marketing Automation Manager for Embed. He's savvy in a wide topics related to Digital Marketing, and Sales.

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