3 Things You Need for a Successful IAAPA Expo 2021

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Who's excited for this year's IAAPA Expo? We're counting down the days to the biggest trade show of the year in the Americas region - and preparation is key! Here's a rundown of 3 things you need to maximize the IAAPA experience:

1. Registrations & Bookings

As soon as you get the green light from your company, register all the attendees! Take advantage of special rates and promos like early-bird discounts. Book your flights and accommodations right away. 


2. Business Essentials

Don't forget to pack these essentials for your much-anticipated business trip:

  • Weather-appropriate clothes for Florida
  • Fully-charged work devices (with chargers)
  • Any relevant paperwork
  • Comfy footwear for your all-day booth hopping
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Business cards 
  • Event schedule and floor plan to get the most out of the expo (it's a huge expo; without a floor plan you will get lost).
  • Cheat sheet of your FEC's needs, questions you want to ask prospective vendors, and other important notes.
  • COVID-19 prevention kit which includes face masks, hand sanitizer, and vitamins or supplements.

Business Essentials

3. Confirmation of your appointment with Embed

We're excited to meet you at booth #606! Schedule a meeting with us here to get the full red-carpet experience complete with the following:

  • Catch our Embed Mavericks for a demo of our award-winning Mobile Wallet, smartTOUCH arcade debit game card readers, and RFID wearable media.
  • Join us for our daily Happy Hour from 2pm to 6pm.
  • Meet our new Chief Management Consultant, Kash Ahmad!

Booking confirmationAll set? See you at the Orange Country Convention Center from November 16 to 19th!


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