How Business Analytics and Reporting Can Take Your FEC to the Next Level

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The modern business has become a data-driven environment. Data has changed drastically in the last few years due to advances in technology, in this case family entertainment center technology, that has increased the amount of data there is to collect whilst also enhancing the ability to collect it. Smartphones are a great example of this, giving business all different types of information such as search history, locations, and personal data among other stuff too.

Data Is Everything 

Data has always been relied on in business to assist the decision-making process. The methods in which data is collected have changed drastically over time. On a basic level, data can be collected in a more informal and small-scale matter by talking to customers or distributing physical surveys to guests. However, as methods have developed there are now countless ways to collect data in extremely large proportions.

“Big data and its implications affect every single business - from Fortune 500 Enterprises to mom and pop companies - and change how we do business, inside and out.” In a way similar to FECs needing to adapt to advances in technology to satisfy customer needs, almost all businesses must utilise data if they want to increase their capabilities and chances of success.

Planning for the Future

Developing strategic plans, both over the long and short term, can be a difficult process, yet it is very important that it is done correctly. The ability to have many detailed analytical reports available to you at the touch of a button gives you a clear idea of how you can design and implement a business plan.

Data-driven organizations not only make better strategic decisions, but they also enjoy high operational efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, and robust profit and revenue levels. 

Having access to a variety of reports allows you to have a broad understanding of all aspects of your business. It ensures that you can pinpoint any weaknesses or issues that are currently going on within the FEC business. Conversely, you can also identify the strongest areas of the business. This is useful in developing a situational analysis of your business, identifying business attributes, enviromental factors, product situations, amongst other aspects of the business. 

Additionally, the automation of reports and business analytics means that you won’t have to worry about making any mistakes in the calculation of statistics and figures. Doing your own reporting and analytical research is dangerous, especially if you are dealing with big numbers due to the potential for an error that translates into making the wrong strategic decisions. And now with more data and numbers than ever, automated reporting is becoming a staple to all businesses.

Understand Your Business in Real-Time

Automated reporting is also useful in developing a real-time view of your business. You may be able to gauge how successfully your FEC is tracking along, however, without the figures to back it up you can never really know. “Changes in business conditions happen too quickly today to rely on old information,” as such real-time data is crucial in modern business.

Automated reports transform complicated statistics and figures making them easily digestible and giving a concise insight into the business. Automated reports are able to utilize graphs and figures which are great for FEC owners to be able to quickly scan reports and have important real-time insights. 

A great use of real-time analysis in an FEC is seeing how new games are performing in their introduction and being able to compare results if you shift it around the arcade to a new position. Furthermore, real-time analysis can also highlight any sudden changes in revenue and can alert you to a potential issue the FEC has so you are able to act immediately, rather than after it.

Save Time 

The ability to have automated reports seamlessly delivered to your business saves plenty of your time and allow you to focus solely on running your FEC. Many times FEC owners can become too focused on recording and analyzing data at the detriment to the business’s operations. With automated reporting, an FEC owner can ensure that their business is running smoothly, whilst also being able to have that great insight into their business which the reports deliver.


Data's value to family entertainment centers, along with all businesses, is undeniable. The detailed insights that data is able to create offers businesses the ability to develop a broad view of their business. Through the insights data brings, FEC owners will be able to prepare their business strategically for the short and long term. 


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