15 Ideas to Engage your Stay-Home Guests During the Lock Down

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Is putting up a CLOSED notice on your website and Facebook page really all you can do? Rather than be paralyzed by fear, focusing on cost-cutting, some companies are going into marketing overdrive. These attractions and FECs are not just showing they are “cleaning their venue”, but actually have quite innovative ways to engage with their guests, prepare for the inevitable return of their fun-hungry, socially-starved guests. Check it out!

There are 4 types of campaigns you can run in your FEC or attraction.

  1. Messaging Campaigns
  2. Contests
  3. Promotions
  4. Stay-Home Activities

And here are 15 examples we curated across the attractions and family entertainment center industry that'll inspire your own campaigns. 

Messaging Campaigns

It’s a good time to reinforce what your company stands for even in the midst of crisis. Whether it's employee care, the fun you'll bring to the guests or simply that you empathize with your quarantined guests.


Example #1: Disney Parks #VoicesFromHome Campaign

An acapella performance by none other than their own stay-home employees! It was well-orchestrated, the singing in perfect harmony, it was truly a remarkable way to communicate the message Disney wants to convey during this uncertain times: “Bringing the Magic of Disney to You!”

This achieved 402k views 10k likes, 1.4k comments, 10k shares in just 14 hours.

Disney also started an online animation class for their bored stay-home guests ‪#‎drawwithdisneyanimation


Example #2 Adventuredome "Cleaned & Ready to Welcome you Back" and Legoland Malaysia's "Break the Chain Together" message, showing they are doing their part to break the chain of virus and helping guests keep safe.


em-img-covid-genting-homecontestExample #3 Resorts World Genting #ForYourEntertainment

Resorts World Genting ran a contest where audiences vote for their favorite video posted by their employees performing from home in a #StayHomeChallenge 


Example #4: Plopsa's "Make a Virtual RollerCoaster" face and SkyZone's "Socks Dance" Contest.

These were particularly creative, as it incorporated the features of the venue: roller coasters, trampoline park socks. These certainly stand out more than just plain contests.

em-img-covid-legolanddubailegolanddubaiExample #5: Legoland Dubai's "#LegolandDubai Memories" Contest and Urban Air's Photo Hunt Contest.

Triggering happy memories of your guests and reward them was Legoland Dubai campaign focus. And Urban Air's daily spot-the-difference contest is not only "shareable" with friends, but creates "returning" visitors to their facebook page. An awesome strategy!



Example #6: Big Thrill Factory's extra credits Gift Card Promotion.

This is a great strategy to generate cashflow into the business. You can come up with attractive promotions for your guests too!

em-img-covid-legolandmalaysiaExample #7: Legoland Malaysia's "Additional 2 months for Annual Pass"

Annual Pass guests feel short-changed. So Legoland Malaysia gives back all annual pass holders with additional 2 months.

em-img-covid-chuckecheese-promoExample #8: Chuck e Cheese's Takeaway Promotion.

Chuck E. Cheese also launched an afternoon break podcast “Behind the Cheese” as entertainment for the kids-at-home. Daily fun activities for kiddos from Chuck E Cheese. Songs, dancing, games. Relief for parents running out of ideas to entertain their homebound kids ... (see further down on some activity ideas)

Stay Home Activities

em-img-covid-kidzania-activitiesExample #9: Kidzania London creates puzzles, cooking recipes and more activities for their stay-home and bored fans.

Kidzania also partnered with PDSA to provide an online course on petcare for their guests.

em-img-covid-iplayamerica-activityExample #10: iPlay America's "Do Chores, Earn Points for iTickets"

This get my vote for creativity. Get the kids to do chores, earn points to spend when your venue reopens! Great way to win points with the parents too!

em-img-covid-legoland-activitiesExample #11: LegoLand Florida's "30 Day Lego Challenge"

Why stop at one activity? Give them a full month's of activities to do! 


Example #12: Plopsa's "Family Fit" and SkyZone's "Morning Moves" 

Getting stuck at home is putting a serious dent in people's gym routine. Run a family fit program of your own, families burn stress away! Works for all ages. Loved these two examples of fitness at home activities.

em-img-covid-incrediblepizza-activityExample 13: Incredible Pizza's "Incredible Kids at Home" crowd-sourcing fun ideas.

Why not engage your audience to share their own ideas of stay-home fun? Excellent piece of marketing to engage and take the opportunity to strengthen the community 

em-img-covid-attractland-legolandwindsor-activityExample #15: Toverland and Legoland Windsor's Coloring Book. 

Sending your bored guest some coloring to do is a great idea. Mix in with your mascots and other memorable things about your venue, to keep your brand top of mind, keeps them thinking about coming back to your venue straight after quarantine! Short on budget? You can easily get art-work like this done on Upwork or a freelancer for a few bucks. 

em-img-covid-timessquare-acitivytBonus Example #16: Berjaya Times Square shares their recipe

No time to create your own activity or ideas is a bad excuse. The least you can do is curate and share a recipe or activities like Berjaya Times Square, they shared a popular gourmet coffee-making recipe (with tips) with their patrons who are homebound.


Take inspiration from these FECs and attractions! The time is now to engage you homebound customers guests, keeps your brand top-of-mind, creates goodwill with your company, keeps the emotional connection and ensures they rush to your venue when restrictions are lifted, which is key to your businesses recovery. 

Worrying your guest will be SLOW to come back? Here are some posts we found on social media that would state otherwise:

Your guests have amazing memories and experiences with your FEC and can't wait to return! Will your staff be ready? Will your venue be ready?

Here it from Chris J Reed, "The Only CEO With A Mohawk" award-winning and best-selling author and LinkedIn Marketing expert gives it to you straight: the importance of marketing during this time cannot be overstated if you want your business to survive this pandemic and thrive when your doors reopen. 



The Embed Team
The Embed Team
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