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We're in the business of fun, which is why we put our people at the heart of everything we do.

Get inspired because no one’s having more fun than us.

A place where you can create the future

Embed’s fast-growing group of companies offer a professional adventure that includes a strong career-path and wide mobility.

Work for a winner

Embed is a mix of industry insiders and emerging high-tech professionals who are pioneering the evolution of a cross-section of industries.

Jumpstart your future

Our competitive compensation and benefits package attract the world’s most talented, ambitious and innovative.

Create the future of Family Entertainment

Advancements in technology are driving the exciting evolution of the family entertainment industry, from virtual reality games to integrated business management solutions, the future is ours to build.

Women @ Embed

At Embed, we believe in the value of diversity in our talent pool. We have a shared commitment to gender parity at all levels of an organization because we believe in the boundless strength (intellectual, leadership, cultural and commercial strength) that results from harnessing and realizing the talent capital of gender equality. We take great pride in not only being gender equal, but putting an end to gender inequality in our tech sector. With a Chief Executive Leadership team made up of 50% women, led by a female CEO, we are proud to be an example of what other companies, large and small, aspire to achieve.


Robert Thompson

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Rob came to Embed from a Global MNC and fell in love with the Embed team, culture and the family entertainment center industry. Fast forward 11 years later, Rob's as passionate as ever in bringing innovative products into the Business of Fun. 

Perry Anderson

Customer Relations Manager, Embed

Meet Perry, Embed’s Customer Relations Manager. After 32 years at Helier Leisure and multiple moves across the world, he’s finally retiring. Listen along as he tells us the story of how he started in (and stayed in) the industry all those years ago.

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Technical Support Specialist

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