11 Best Places to Post Jobs for Attractions & FECs in the United States

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Where can you post jobs to hire the best talent in the attractions and family entertainment center industry in the United States? In this article, we list both online job posting sites, as well as offline avenues, where you can find and hire the right employees for your business. Job seekers of differing demographics and countries have their own search preferences when looking for permanent jobs or hourly-stints. For example, JobStreet is popular in Asia but unknown in the USA. This article focuses only on the United States and covers both permanent jobs and hourly job posting opportunities. 

Online Job Posting Sites

  1. Indeed - The most visited job site in the USA, if you're paying for a job posting to reach a wider audience, you should check this out. It has useful ATS (Applicant Tracking System) features like voice recording of answers by candidates, interview scheduling, etc. Job postings are free; however, if you want to reach more candidates, then you can boost the job posting for more visibility for as little as $5 a day

    Indeed is the optimal platform to use if you have just one or two positions to fill.
  2. ZipRecruiter - Other than having its own job-seeker audience, this web app helps you post your job to multiple (100+) job sites like BetterJobs, Google, CareerJet, and more. It also has a feature that matches your skill requirements to eligible candidates and you can invite them to apply. Instead of the "boost" way of charging, you need to pay a subscription fee starting at US$249 a month - a high price if you just have one position to fill or are hiring for low-level jobs.

    If your FEC has regular hiring needs, then ZipRecruiter is a better option than Indeed.

    For a full comparison between Indeed and ZipRecruiter, take a look at this comparison: https://fitsmallbusiness.com/ziprecruiter-vs-indeed/
  3. Snag-a-Job - This site is recommended for recruiting Millennials and Gen-Z candidates near your location. If you visit their site, you'll notice their user interface is youthful and trendy. Snag-a-Job's sweet spot is the hourly worker and service jobs within a specific location radius. Job posts usually start at $89 per month. Recently added features include online interviews.

    If your FEC is hiring hourly and shift workers, Snag-a-Job is great for reaching Millennials and Gen Z candidates. 
  4. Wizehire - A ZipRecuiter alternative, Wizehire is priced more affordably, starting at $199 per month for unlimited job postings. It also syndicates your job post to 100+ job sites, has built-in ATS features like DISC personality tests, and a messaging system. Its user interface is also slick and modern. 

    Wizehire is ideal for unlimited job postings at an affordable price.
  5. Facebook & Instagram - Depending on the age groups you are targeting, each of these platforms has its own audience. You can create job posts on Facebook business pages, and #jobs or #jobposting on Instagram. You can share these job postings in local college groups or get your employees to share the posting on their social media profiles free of advertising cost!

    You can use Facebook & Instagram for either organic or paid job posts.
  6. Coolworks - If you have an outdoor adventure-type venue like ziplines, climbing walls, waterpark, or paintball arenas and would like to hire young, vibrant candidates, you might want to give Coolworks a try. The platform attracts Gen-Z outdoor adventure seekers. 

    Coolworks is a niche job listing site for outdoor types of attractions.  

Offline Ways to Post Jobs

  1. Your local Chamber of Commerce or IAAPA Job Board - What better way to reach experienced attractions and FEC industry candidates than posting to the IAAPA job board? A 30-day basic posting for members starts at $149

    The IAAPA Job Board or the local Chamber of Commerce works better for established brands that want to hire experienced industry professionals.
  2. College Job Boards - These are great for hiring college students for guest-relations, party organisers, attendants, or cashiers. Some colleges have career services and alumni groups that you can tap, too.  The cost is usually free
  3. Poster at your location - Why not turn customers that enjoy their time in your arcades into your fun crusaders and brand ambassadors? Parents who see your posters can also help broadcast the message to their teenagers looking for a summer job or part-time work to supplement their pocket money. Cost: Free
  4. Referrals from employees - This is by far one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways to get good recommendations. If you have a nice hire-a-friend bonus (pays out only after the first 90 days) and an attractive company culture, your employees are likely to recommend friends with who they can work enjoyably and collaboratively. It is estimated by recruitment consultants that an in-house recruitment effort costs around 12% of the salary (including the job posting, time spent on interviews, etc.) or US$4,000 according to a survey by SHRM. Why not pass some of that to your employees as an incentive? Cost: bonus
  5. Job Fairs - Virtual job fairs are now the new normal - well, at least until it's safe to have big crowds again. Nevertheless, job fairs are a great opportunity to have one-on-one personal conversations with potential graduate candidates. The industry needs new blood to pursue a career in the business of fun! Cost: varies
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