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Embed First-to-Market With Mobile Wallet: Next Gen in Cashless Payments

SINGAPORE:  15 October 2019 – Transforming the business of fun since 2001, Embed, the worldwide leader of the cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries is first to go-to-market with the Mobile Wallet.

The Mobile Wallet is a virtual game card that can be added to the Apple Wallet (on the IOS platform) and Google Pay (on the Android platform), and used to seamlessly play games.

The wallet has the exact same functionality as the game card, but sits in the guest’s mobile wallet, enabling guests to tap and reload without leaving the game, while operators drive return visits and get to know customer behavior, usage and spend habits.

Embed Mobile Wallet

"This development and offer make Embed the only non-banking finance-payment or loyalty-card business and brand card that sits in the mobile wallet.

We're very excited to be the first and only FEC cashless business solution to offer the Mobile Wallet.

This breakthrough enables any business currently using the Embed TOOLKIT system (Kiosk, game cards, smartTOUCH readers and range of business solutions) to simply add the Mobile Wallet (Mobile Portal) module to their existing business solution and offering it to their customers."

Renee Welsh, Embed CEO

Our ‘customer first’ approach focuses on solutions that enable the optimum guest experience and it’s the driver behind our ongoing development efforts. 

Consumers don’t want to use cash, or fumble with tokens, they pervasively use their Mobile Wallet to pay for everything (millennials being the largest demographic and growing uptake across all demographics) because it guarantees convenience, speed, and security.

"Working on a new product module for our existing TOOLKIT system that enables existing Embed customers’ to offer their guests the ability to register the game card in the operator’s Mobile Portal and the option to add the game card to their mobile wallet is a win-win for the operator and their guests.” Renee said also.

This has been this year’s top-secret development project.

First, Embed worked with an FEC giant on the Mobile Wallet with their internal and external development teams, as well as Google and Apple to gain compliance approval for Embed’s smartTOUCH readers.

“This significant breakthrough is a result of a collaborative effort with our partners and customers (the Operators, Apple and Google)," said Andy Welsh, CTO, Embed."

"We listen and work very closely with our clients, drawing inspiration from other industries, monitoring technological advancement and closely research consumer behavior to deliver this end-result, and ultimately enabling business owners to increase profitability” Welsh also said.

Why Go Cashless in the Mobile Wallet? mobile-wallet-phone-tapping-w-logos

Having Everything at Your Fingertips


Customer retention and loyalty strategies are an integral part of a business’s success plan.

Embed’s Mobile Wallet, part of Mobile Portal module, is simple and convenient for guests to use (not an application download; completely cloud-based), operators can bundle offers, drive repeat visits and improve customer loyalty.

Tap. Repeat. Reload.


Guests have very little patience for standing in line, wasting time. The immediacy of reloading the virtual game card equals greater revenue, less manpower, less hardware costs, and greater profit.

Guests don't have to stand in line at the kiosk, cashier, or balance-check machine, they can increase spend and reduce dwell time by simply topping-up without leaving the game. In fact, they can reload their virtual game card anytime, anywhere.

Security that Equals Peace of Mind


Game card related information is protected by advanced security and encrypted mobile technology, so no more lost game cards for the guest and no risk to the operators. 

How the Embed Mobile Wallet Works 

  1. Purchase and register the physical game card in the Mobile Portal (this can be done at the Kiosk or online URL via mobile).
  2. Mobile Portal shows a virtual card featuring Card Balance Check and Ticket Balance
  3. Option to add the virtual card to the Mobile Wallet.
  4. Start game play. Fun is a simple tap away.
  5. Redeem PRIZES from the Mobile Wallet.
  6. Customers can do a quick reload of their gamecards any time and anywhere, without leaving the game.

Take the Mobile Wallet Tour at IAAPA

The Embed team will be demoing the Mobile Wallet at Booth #1336, IAAPA Expo 2019 November 19-22 in Orlando, FL and schedule a demo here.

The Embed Team
The Embed Team
Sharing our knowledge to help you enable your business of fun.

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