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Embed Announces New Global Appointments, Gears Up to Trailblaze at IAAPA Expo 2023

Embed Announces New Global Appointments,  
Gears Up to Trailblaze at IAAPA Expo 2023 

SINGAPORE, 23 October 2023
Embed, the ultimate cloud-based, cashless solutions provider for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries, announces new global leadership appointments and expanded team in the run-up to IAAPA Expo Orlando, where Embed will launch exciting industry-firsts, led by this team.

Michael_Sara_Kash_2From left: Michael Lopez (CXO & GM, North America & South America), Sara Paz (CMO & Transformation Guru), and Kash Ahmad (Global Head of Sales)

“We are proud to reveal the Embed Mavericks who will champion customer success across our global operations,” says Renee Welsh, CEO at Embed. “They are committed to further strengthening Embed’s customer-centric approach, developing transformative programs that drive our customers’ growth velocity. These programs will be announced and featured at IAAPA Expo Orlando.”

Former Chief Management Consultant Kash Ahmad is now the Global Head of Sales. In addition to his Chief Experience Officer role, Michael Lopez is now Embed’s General Manager of the North America & South America region. Both will be based in Embed’s Dallas office.

Also making the move to Embed’s Dallas office, existing Chief Marketing Officer Sara Paz takes on the role of Transformation Guru - leading a dedicated team of consultants, champions, and trainers – a mix of growth gurus, SaaS experts, and payment specialists. “This Transformation Growth Team is a demonstration of Embed’s unwavering commitment to future-proofing our customers’ businesses,” shares Paz. “They will bring their individual expertise to help customers maximise their Embed system to drive transformative growth.” The team:
Team Photo Collage

The Transformation Growth Team, from left:
Jeremy Dickamore, Austen Ward, Jed Hazlett, Keelan Power, Gareth Grandt, and Joshua Chappell

  • Jeremy Dickamore, Embed’s Payment Gateway Guru, comes in with almost a decade of experience in the payments industry. He was the former Sr. Strategic Partner Manager for Global Payments Integrated (GPI) and was named Best Partner in 2022 for a billion-dollar partnership he managed. He’s worked with Embed for years and now joins the organisation to help the Embed family of customers understand payments, assess how much they’re presently losing due to payment processing fees, and help them find the best processing value to save time and money.
  • Austen Ward, SaaS Success Whisperer, spent over a decade in the SaaS industry, tech, and beyond in customer success management and business development roles. She now acts as a trusted partner, consultant, and advocate of the Embed family of customers to drive transformative business growth by maximising their Embed solution, experiencing an increase in profitability with lower manpower costs.
  • Jed Hazlett, Success Ambassador, is armed with over 15 years of experience in helping businesses – from small to Fortune 1000 companies – select, implement, and optimise software and data solutions. He will focus on helping Embed customers drive revenue and growth with improved operational efficiency with Embed’s SaaS solutions.
  • Keelan Power, the Training Titan, has almost a decade’s worth of experience holding managerial positions across various industries, including family entertainment. He will empower Embed customers to maximise their Embed solutions through a tailored 1:1 training program and enable Embed customers to drive the uptake of their solutions to grow and scale their business.
  • Gareth Grandt, Field Force Manager, brings his 20 years of experience with Apple in training implementation and support roles as Training Program Manager of a global facilitation program. He will helm Embed’s new Field Force program.
  • Joshua Chappell, Field Force Trainer, was a former Customer Success Training Manager at Microsoft, with his strategic initiatives resulting in a 17% increase in customer satisfaction and a 14% decrease in customer churn rate across a portfolio of 50+ enterprise-level accounts – winning himself the Microsoft MVP award for 4 consecutive years. Along with Grandt, Chappell has worked on developing an exciting program that will be announced at IAAPA.

Megan Lim, eCommerce Director


Embed customers have seen some exciting developments happening on the Embed eSHOP and they can thank Megan Lim, Embed’s new eCommerce Director, also part of the Transformation Growth Team. Since joining Embed in June 2023, Lim has been focused on accelerating speed of service, purchase, and replacement of hardware parts and accessories anytime, anywhere.

Lim’s experience starting and managing various online and offline companies makes her the force to take the Embed eSHOP to new heights, doubling the product range, starting 24/7 support, adding the chat function, 1Click Payment Link, and more. Plus, she’s expanding the reach to cover global customers, expediting the parts ordering and replacement function in just 3 easy steps: Select. Ship. Pay. Nothing beats fast.

Trailblazing at IAAPA Expo 2023

As Embed steps into the Membership Economy, where customers are more than just partners and friends, but are members of a collective of fellow trailblazers known as the Embed Family, the solutions provider is gearing up for IAAPA Expo 2023 with exciting additions to its roster of breakthrough innovations and more:

“The Embed family can expect a life-changing game-changer at the show – the answer to a lack of a structured and consistent customer success activity in the industry,” shares Renee Welsh. “The booth itself is another ‘big’ surprise! And we simply can’t wait for the Embed Family to experience it.”
New Booth

True to its commitment to operational efficiency, Embed’s new booth is another step towards transitioning from traditional to digital to set the standard for sustainable practices among exhibitors. “We are going digital for our brochures and collaterals to minimise our carbon footprint, all content is accessible via QR code, as well as making the booth modular – giving us the flexibility to switch booth size, scale, and designs without wasting resources,” says Kathleen Goy, Global Head of Events and Marketing Chief of Staff.

“We will also recognise the stars skyrocketing the FEC industry into the future – Embed’s first-ever Top 100 FECs list! It’s a catalogue of businesses across the globe that vary wildly in size, number of locations, and type of FEC, but share ONE thing in common: they are the most admired and respected in the industry,” adds Welsh. A press conference on the Top 100 FECs and other Embed launches will be held at the Embed booth on 14 November.

Coming Up
Catch the Embed team at IAAPA Expo Orlando from 14 to 17 November at the Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL. To register for the event or to view Embed’s full trade show schedule, click here. Attendees can expect free demos of its roster of integrated hardware and software solutions such as the Mobile Wallet, STATS, smartTOUCH+, KIOSK+, and TOOLKIT suite, and a showcase of game cards and wearable media at the show-stopping Bling Trunk. There will also be daily Happy Hour events from 1 PM to 5 PM.

The Embed Team
The Embed Team
Sharing our knowledge to help you enable your business of fun.

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Embed Redefines Reliability & Bags Awards at Amusement Expo International 2024

DALLAS, TEXAS, Mar 22, 2024: Embed, the ultimate cloud-based, cashless solutions provider for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries showcased its Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and other breakthrough innovations at the Amusement Expo International (AEI) from 20-21 March, emphasising on the importance of reliability when it comes to choosing a solutions provider to future-proof your business. Embed is known to partner with global tech giants, maximising their groundbreaking technology to adapt it for the family entertainment sector. The award-winning Mobile Wallet is still the only Apple and Google-certified FEC solution in the industry since its launch in 2019; the only non-banking, non-finance, non-healthcare solution approved to sit in a consumer’s mobile wallet (not a mobile app that requires a download and ongoing maintenance). And, STATS, the business intelligence dashboard jointly developed with Amazon Web Services. “Fresh from The DEAL Show in Dubai, AEI has been another amazing show and we’re privileged to keep our ear to the ground and stay close to our customers – the members of the Embed family – friends, and partners in the industry, especially at a time when system reliability is a hot topic in the industry,” shares Renee Welsh, CEO at Embed. “We are in a strategic position to respond to the industry’s need for reliable tech partners they can trust; we’re a solutions provider that partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their data centres and tech development. Our confidence comes from knowing that we partner with the best. AWS tech is reliable enough for NASA, Formula 1, the US Defence, Netflix (with 260M subscribers), and Facebook (with 3B subscribers), then we can guarantee that the Embed family of FECs are in good hands!” Speaking further about their SaaS solutions, CTO Andy Welsh comments on how a system’s reliability is as crucial as the data centres and tech partners running it: “The Embed system architecture is built to work even during network outages. It’s time to make the switch and upgrade to the Embed system when your current system is letting you and your guests down.” “It’s at times like these, when other cashless players are plagued with data centre issues that result in mass outages amongst their FEC customers during busy weekend hours that Embed’s cutting-edge reliability is crystal clear!” adds Sara Paz, CMO and Embed Success Squad™ Transformation Guru. The Embed Success Squad™ was introduced at IAAPA Orlando 2023 as the company’s testament to customer-centricity and commitment to their customers’ business growth and success. The dedicated team of consultants, champions, and trainers – a mix of growth gurus, SaaS experts, and payment specialists help the Embed family experience the transformational growth SaaS solutions drive. “With 1-year FREE Mobile Wallet and 3-months FREE STATS subscriptions, complimentary payment gateway cost-saving analysis, free best practice training from the industry’s best FECs, free marketing kits and/or complimentary printed assets that cover the entire customer journey in an FEC, and the Embed GoTrain™ – all these are done to drive consumer uptake of Mobile Wallet,” adds Paz. Here are other highlights of the show: Major Awards Embed is this year’s AMOA Operator’s Choice Awards winner, recognising the company’s commitment to innovate new and exciting solutions FEC operators can trust and maximise to enable, empower, and ease their business of fun. “We are honoured to bag this amazing award and beyond grateful to our partners and members of the Embed family for making this possible!” says Renee Welsh. In addition to this major win, Embed also won the Best Booth Design for its new modular and sustainable build: “This is such a huge win for us! Since using this at IAAPA Orlando 2023, this booth is a testament to our efforts towards sustainability - from digital brochures and collaterals to minimise our carbon footprint and booth modular for the flexibility to switch booth size, scale, and designs without wasting resources,” says Kathleen Goy, Global Head of Events and Marketing Chief of Staff. Booth Action Along with its roster of integrated hardware and software solutions, Embed showcased its SaaS solutions Mobile Wallet and STATS - the real game-changers in terms of profitability, operational efficiency, lower costs, and superior guest experience. The smarter, faster, and supercharged smartTOUCH™+ game card reader also made its AEI debut. Industry Roundtables John Keys, Embed Regional Sales Manager for North & South America, participated in a roundtable discussion about Promotions That Work, sharing best practices and insights on how to design high-value, low-cost promotions that guests will actually love. Top 100 FECs To recognise Embed’s Top 100 FECs – the "best of the best" that built the industry into what it is today - Embed presented its exclusive Embed Appreciation Rocket to the following customers, for years of partnership and fuelling fun with the company. FACE Amusement – 10 years IF La Fleur & Sons – 11 years Pizza Ranch – 12 years Player One – 14 years Atlantis Casino Resort Spa – 15 years International Women’s Month Celebration Embed honoured women in tech by giving away exclusive Women@Embed pins in celebration of International Women’s Month. “Women drive innovation and inspiration across various disciplines and industries. It’s only fitting that we Expect Her in Tech – which is what we are advocating for this year’s International Women’s Month, aligned with the United Nations’ theme: Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress,” says CEO Renee Welsh.