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SINGAPORE:  10  December 2019 – Transforming the business of fun since 2001, Embed, the worldwide leader of the cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries returned from IAAPA Expo 2019 triumphant.

This year’s IAAPA marked a new chapter at Embed. With a myriad of new technology breakthrough announcements, like the mobile wallet, an industry breakthrough innovation, and putting on full dynamic display the complete 200-piece wearable media collection, serving to reinvent the game card. IAAPA Expo 2019 was the culmination of a year of renewal that came together at IAAPA, including the new marketing and brand strategy in the new booth. A few of Embed’s leadership team summed up their IAAPA experience as follows:


“The best part of IAAPA for me was getting to meet Embed customers, hearing what’s happening in their FEC’s, being overwhelmed by the hyper-positive response to the mobile wallet. I’m walking away from this IAAPA knowing that we are on the right track with our partnerships with Amazon, Apple, and Google (something no other FEC business solutions provider has), and sharing with Embed’s customers the results of our brainstorming with the Titans of Technology (Apple and Google) to be the first with new innovations coming from tech juggernauts that will continue to transform this industry, serving to give a cutting-edge to Embed’s customers and future-proofing their businesses!” said Andy Welsh, Chief Technology Officer.


“This IAPPA has been an exciting ride! In my 9-years at Embed and Helix Leisure I have never been as excited as I am today. We worked very hard in a top secret lab with a small tiger team with the objective to “redefine the game card,” using various materials, from plastics to metallics, eco-friendly wooden game cards, embossed printing, etc. And, in the process, we developed a new production method (with a patent pending). We also re-imagined wearable technology (RF Media), with over 200 wearable media designs, using different materials and form-factors, styles. And the response from Embed customers and industry partners alike has been unanimous excitement. This is the next frontier and we’re leading the charge.” said Robert Thompson, Chief Supply Chain Officer.


“IAAPA 2019 has been a turning point for our EMEA region and customers.  We’ve had our highest ever visitors from this region who have all been blown away by our new wearables and the amazing game changer that we’ve developed and launched in the form of our Mobile Wallet. We had the pleasure of hosting many of our customers at our Andretti party and are so pleased that the entire team from MAF UAE, FUNSTATION UK and FUN CITY Pakistan, along with many others, spent so much of their time having fun and strengthening relationships with our Global teams at our party. The EMEA region, our customers and the future with EMBED is on the up, we’re excited to be able to support this region and help our industry go from strength-to-strength as we move forward with them.” Said Rosa Tahmaseb, GM & Head of Operations, EMEA.


“This was a thrilling show; couldn’t of gone better! The response to Embed’s new marketing strategy before the show was universally positive, but getting to experience the awe-inspired facial expressions of our partners as they approached our new booth was truly rewarding. When asked by existing partners and industry media if we are the same Embed, our response is always the same: ‘we are a mix of industry insiders and next-gen IT, a familial high-tech with a conviction that is tied to our universal belief in the transformative power of our solutions and the impact on the guest experience. We are committed to the evolution of our industry, as it results in everyone winning, the operator and their guests.’ And when the operator thrives, we thrive.” said Sara Paz, Chief Marketing Officer.


“This IAAPA is the culmination of a year of hard work, renewing and elevating every single aspect of our business. At this IAAPA we unveiled the Mobile Wallet, a breakthrough technology development for our industry, and cutting edge-designs in our wearable media, serving to redefine the game card. And we did this while unveiling a new marketing strategy, so every touchpoint of the Embed journey feels renewed because it is unequivocally a new day at Embed. The best part of this week was getting to spend time with existing Embed customers, strengthening our strategic partnerships, as well as signing-up and welcoming new customers to the Embed family. The very pinnacle of IAAPA this year was bringing together new and long-time Embed customers from around the world at our IAAPA After-Party at Andretti’s, a long-time Embed partner and customer.” said Renee Welsh, Chief Executive Officer.

The Embed Team
The Embed Team
Sharing our knowledge to help you enable your business of fun.

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DALLAS, TEXAS, November 29, 2021: Transforming the business of fun since 2001, Embed, the worldwide leader of the cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries made history again at IAAPA Expo 2021 in Orlando, Florida, by unveiling their latest breakthrough design innovations from November 16 to 19th. Solidifying Position as the Ultimate Contactless Solution Provider in the Industry True to its 20-year legacy in tech pioneering history in the industry, Embed spent 2 years in the lab developing the cutting-edge self-service KIOSK+, the breakthrough tech innovation of the year. With one of the largest touchscreen displays in the industry, a dramatically sleeker design, and expandable modularity, Embed’s KIOSK – the industry’s best self-service kiosk – becomes SO MUCH MORE in KIOSK+. Its grand reveal at IAAPA garnered positive feedback, reception, and conversion from customers. “Embed aims to enable, empower, and ease the Business of Fun, transforming it with our technology innovation. We have a clear vision of the FEC of the future, and KIOSK+ is a product that will transform what FECs are willing to accept from their business solutions providers; no more space-consuming bulky kiosks. Business solutions should enable operators to optimise the consumer experience while driving greater revenue and profit per square foot, which is the design purpose of KIOSK+. We are excited to help operators maximise their game room floor with revenue-generating games, lower their costs, and achieve their business goals through this innovation,” said Renee Welsh, CEO, Embed. Aside from KIOSK+, Embed introduced the Breakaway Game Card for the first time in the industry. This cutting-edge innovation is a brilliant combination of the traditional game card and wearable media. Guests can simply snap off the removable section of the traditional game card, wear it with a band and reusable toggle, and get in the zone – SNAP. STRAP. PLAY! The combination of the next-gen KIOSK+, Breakaway Game Card, and the award-winning Mobile Wallet solidifies Embed’s position as the ULTIMATE contactless solution provider in the industry. Back-to-Back Meetings Embed had a buzzing booth with little to no downtime during IAAPA, catering to back-to-back meetings everyday with existing clients and prospects. Likewise, new clients were added to the Embed family, many of whom participated in the exclusive “Make the Switch" promo, scoring an unbeatable deal by switching to Embed from their existing systems. Daily Happy Hour networking events allowed the solutions provider to connect with clients and showcase the full range of wearable media in their roster. Demos The Embed Mavericks presented guests with demos of the new KIOSK+, the award-winning Mobile Wallet, the integrated cloud-based software solution TOOLKIT, the smartTOUCH arcade debit game card reader, and a full range of wearables and game cards from Embed’s famous Bling Bar. 20th Anniversary Game Cards This year, Embed celebrates its 20 years of fuelling the business of fun. To commemorate this milestone, Embed issued exclusive 20th anniversary game cards to their global team, partners, and clients. Customers who visited the booth and presented their anniversary game cards won freebies like Apple AirPods, Bluetooth speakers, and other swag. What’s Next? For those who missed Embed’s award-winning business solutions in action, catch Embed at the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas Nevada on March 16 to 17, 2022; Deal Show in Dubai UAE on March 28 to 30, 2022; and at the IAAPA Expo Asia in Macau on June 7 to 10, 2022.

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