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Embed Changes the Game with STATS Insights Platform Powered by AWS

SINGAPORE, 3 November 2022: Amazon Web Services (AWS), an company, today announced that Singapore’s Embed, the worldwide leader in cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries, with 1,000 customers operating 3,000 installations around the world, has developed an industry-first data visualization platform on AWS. The STATS insights platform makes understanding venue operations easy and engaging by leveraging AWS to visually present data, including arcade game performance and guest activity, from points of sale, gaming rooms, and kiosks. This data helps family entertainment centers (FECs) like arcades, amusement centers, and theme parks better understand their guests’ behaviour and improve the guest experience. With the breadth and depth of AWS services, including databases, analytics, and networking and content delivery, the STATS Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution allows FECs to generate reports from nine dashboards on the performance of their venues. For example, with STATS, FECs can forecast game demand and revenue to optimize game offerings and promotions, and drive staffing and inventory efficiencies across multiple locations.

The FEC industry is projected to be worth US$50 billion by 2026, but digitization across the sector, which largely consists of small operators, has been slow. Without the resources to digitize analog processes, FECs cannot fully benefit from the vast data their venues produce to improve the guest experience. With Amazon Redshift, a cloud data warehouse service, Embed prepares venue data, including gaming patterns and customer preferences, to generate business insights on game locations within venues and predict popular gaming periods on STATS. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, a serverless streaming data service, helps Embed stream very large datasets, including game performance figures and projected earnings in near real-time into STATS. Using Amazon QuickSight, a cloud-based business intelligence service, Embed creates user-friendly, customizable and interactive visual dashboards that make understanding a vast array of venue data easy. Amazon CloudFront, a content delivery network service, allows operators to easily access their STATS insights platform on the Internet.

Embed developed STATS in just 10 weeks with AWS Professional Services, a global team of experts that help businesses realize their desired business outcomes when using AWS. AWS Professional Services supported Embed with designing, developing, testing, and producing the data driven product. Embed will sell STATS in the customer-preferred pay-as-you-go SaaS business model, better serving a growing customer base with lower infrastructure costs, faster software delivery times, and three subscription tier options tailored to varied customer needs and sizes.

“AWS is helping us transform the family entertainment industry, providing a better guest experience in arcades and amusement venues worldwide,” said Renee Welsh, CEO at Embed. “With the launch of STATS on AWS, our customers gain access to our arcade insights platform, giving them insights they didn’t previously have, like guest behaviour, to make visits more enjoyable. By crunching the data so our customers don’t have to, we help them focus on making their venues operate better.”

“The FEC industry is modernizing rapidly to meet the rise in demand for more convenient and sophisticated guest experiences. Family entertainment centers of all sizes worldwide can now adopt solutions like Embed’s STATS to innovate at low cost,” said Joel Garcia, ASEAN Head of Technology, Amazon Web Services. “Built in Asia, Embed has developed an industry-leading data visualization tool on AWS to help large and small family entertainment centers use data to drive growth globally.”

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The Embed Team
The Embed Team
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Embed Redefines Reliability & Bags Awards at Amusement Expo International 2024

DALLAS, TEXAS, Mar 22, 2024: Embed, the ultimate cloud-based, cashless solutions provider for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries showcased its Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions and other breakthrough innovations at the Amusement Expo International (AEI) from 20-21 March, emphasising on the importance of reliability when it comes to choosing a solutions provider to future-proof your business. Embed is known to partner with global tech giants, maximising their groundbreaking technology to adapt it for the family entertainment sector. The award-winning Mobile Wallet is still the only Apple and Google-certified FEC solution in the industry since its launch in 2019; the only non-banking, non-finance, non-healthcare solution approved to sit in a consumer’s mobile wallet (not a mobile app that requires a download and ongoing maintenance). And, STATS, the business intelligence dashboard jointly developed with Amazon Web Services. “Fresh from The DEAL Show in Dubai, AEI has been another amazing show and we’re privileged to keep our ear to the ground and stay close to our customers – the members of the Embed family – friends, and partners in the industry, especially at a time when system reliability is a hot topic in the industry,” shares Renee Welsh, CEO at Embed. “We are in a strategic position to respond to the industry’s need for reliable tech partners they can trust; we’re a solutions provider that partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their data centres and tech development. Our confidence comes from knowing that we partner with the best. AWS tech is reliable enough for NASA, Formula 1, the US Defence, Netflix (with 260M subscribers), and Facebook (with 3B subscribers), then we can guarantee that the Embed family of FECs are in good hands!” Speaking further about their SaaS solutions, CTO Andy Welsh comments on how a system’s reliability is as crucial as the data centres and tech partners running it: “The Embed system architecture is built to work even during network outages. It’s time to make the switch and upgrade to the Embed system when your current system is letting you and your guests down.” “It’s at times like these, when other cashless players are plagued with data centre issues that result in mass outages amongst their FEC customers during busy weekend hours that Embed’s cutting-edge reliability is crystal clear!” adds Sara Paz, CMO and Embed Success Squad™ Transformation Guru. The Embed Success Squad™ was introduced at IAAPA Orlando 2023 as the company’s testament to customer-centricity and commitment to their customers’ business growth and success. The dedicated team of consultants, champions, and trainers – a mix of growth gurus, SaaS experts, and payment specialists help the Embed family experience the transformational growth SaaS solutions drive. “With 1-year FREE Mobile Wallet and 3-months FREE STATS subscriptions, complimentary payment gateway cost-saving analysis, free best practice training from the industry’s best FECs, free marketing kits and/or complimentary printed assets that cover the entire customer journey in an FEC, and the Embed GoTrain™ – all these are done to drive consumer uptake of Mobile Wallet,” adds Paz. Here are other highlights of the show: Major Awards Embed is this year’s AMOA Operator’s Choice Awards winner, recognising the company’s commitment to innovate new and exciting solutions FEC operators can trust and maximise to enable, empower, and ease their business of fun. “We are honoured to bag this amazing award and beyond grateful to our partners and members of the Embed family for making this possible!” says Renee Welsh. In addition to this major win, Embed also won the Best Booth Design for its new modular and sustainable build: “This is such a huge win for us! Since using this at IAAPA Orlando 2023, this booth is a testament to our efforts towards sustainability - from digital brochures and collaterals to minimise our carbon footprint and booth modular for the flexibility to switch booth size, scale, and designs without wasting resources,” says Kathleen Goy, Global Head of Events and Marketing Chief of Staff. Booth Action Along with its roster of integrated hardware and software solutions, Embed showcased its SaaS solutions Mobile Wallet and STATS - the real game-changers in terms of profitability, operational efficiency, lower costs, and superior guest experience. The smarter, faster, and supercharged smartTOUCH™+ game card reader also made its AEI debut. Industry Roundtables John Keys, Embed Regional Sales Manager for North & South America, participated in a roundtable discussion about Promotions That Work, sharing best practices and insights on how to design high-value, low-cost promotions that guests will actually love. Top 100 FECs To recognise Embed’s Top 100 FECs – the "best of the best" that built the industry into what it is today - Embed presented its exclusive Embed Appreciation Rocket to the following customers, for years of partnership and fuelling fun with the company. FACE Amusement – 10 years IF La Fleur & Sons – 11 years Pizza Ranch – 12 years Player One – 14 years Atlantis Casino Resort Spa – 15 years International Women’s Month Celebration Embed honoured women in tech by giving away exclusive Women@Embed pins in celebration of International Women’s Month. “Women drive innovation and inspiration across various disciplines and industries. It’s only fitting that we Expect Her in Tech – which is what we are advocating for this year’s International Women’s Month, aligned with the United Nations’ theme: Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress,” says CEO Renee Welsh.

#ExpectHERinTech: Embed Inspires Inclusivity for International Women’s Day 2024

SINGAPORE: 8 March 2024: Embed, the ultimate cloud-based, cashless solutions provider for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries inspires female inclusivity in the tech sector for International Women’s Day 2024.

Embed Changes the Game & Celebrates Women in Tech at DEAL 2024

DUBAI, UAE 7 March 2024: Embed, the ultimate cloud-based, cashless solutions provider for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries showcased its game-changing breakthrough innovations at DEAL from 5 to 7 March and celebrated this year’s International Women’s Day.