Kathleen Goy

Kathleen Goy

Global Events Maverick also known as Ba-Kao-Liao. Kathleen's role at Embed includes Global Head of Events, GTM Planning, Media, Creative and PR. Kath has a proven track record in successful high-tech mobile marketing, with 360-degree marketing planning and execution experience. Most recently, the Embed booth at Amusement Expo 2020, won the Best Booth Design Award. You can find Kathleen on Linkedin.

Recent Posts:

Coronavirus Is Making Contactless Payment A Necessity

The term contactless payment should not be new to many. You probably would have used it when you checked-in at Starbucks, Burger King or even supermarket shopping at Publix.

Free Yourself from Toxic Chemicals

We know the coronavirus pandemic has forced many business owners, like yourself, to step up cleaning efforts with stricter cleaning schedules, a costly exercise in both time and money. There is no arguing that there is a correlation between natural products and price increase, but ensuring the safety of your staff, guests, and community is priceless.The market for cleaning products is inundated with options, which have gained even more popularity since the start of COVID-19, such as:

How to Protect Your Game Gear From Mould & Bacteria

If your facility offers games such as laser tag, paintball, go-kart, ice-hockey, rock-climbing, or VR to your guests and requires headgear, you can’t miss this. Your head gear may be the perfect environment for mould and bacteria to grow. After all, all that mould and bacteria need is a dark, moist space to germinate dormant spores invisible to the human eye.

Is Your Air-Conditioning Helping Spread COVID-19?

Now that summer is on its way and lockdown orders are being lifted, reports have surfaced that air conditioners may be a factor in COVID-19 spread especially in public places, like your family entertainment center, office, or restaurants. It has to do with the way an air-conditioner works. When an air-conditioner is turned on, air flow from the vent pushes droplets through the air and potentially into other people. Remember, while air conditioning might make a room feel fresher on a warm day, it’s simply recycled existing air.   Like yourself, responsible operators can help mitigate exposure of harmful contaminants that pose health risks to your employees and guests by cleaning the airborne pollutants and mould in your premises, reducing the potential spread of COVID. Here are 3 ways you can play your part with Embed Hygiene Defence products:

Consumer Revenge Spending - Are you ready for it?

In the last couple of weeks , we've seen China ease the coronavirus lockdown, reopening cities, retail shops reopening for business - an indication that some form of normalcy is returning and the worst has passed.

Negotiating Rent Relief During The Covid-19 Crisis

The coronavirus is testing every leader in every company across all business sectors; there isn’t a single business untouched by the COVID-19 pandemic, including business software  industries, and industries we know, like amusement, F&B, and the entertainment industries. In fact, many refer to the pandemic as an invisible war that doesn’t have a foreseeable end.

Be A Game Changer During The Covid-19 Crisis

Given the current state of affairs with the coronavirus outbreak, the constant flux and uncertainty, organizations and individuals are challenged to prepare for a future that is unknown; the recovery timing is unclear and impossible to predict (but, there is a certainty that this cannot and will not go on forever; the challenge is identifying when this will break, surviving until then, and planning your professional and personal come back). It is without equivocation that a “Challenger Mindset” is required more than ever in order to stay ahead of the change curve.

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