Case Studies

His room, a proper human room although a little too small.

Check out these Embed customer case studies. We find our customers tell our story best, take it from them: we couldn’t be more transparent about sharing what our customers’ tell us about the impact Embed has had on their business. We are not interested in the mere 10-20% revenue increase or the fact that the system pays for itself. Our aim is partnering with our customers to transform their businesses.

High Caliber Karting & Embed

The Embed integration enables High Caliber Karting to streamline their operations, optimize the guest experience, and minimize manpower - creating a cohesive experience across all their attractions and latest offerings. 

Pizza Ranch & Embed

Scale & Grow: How Pizza Ranch & franchisees increased efficiency & profitability, while reducing cost with Embed.

Laser Bounce & Embed

Going Cashless: How Laser Bounce Modernized their Location, Increased Sales, Saved-On Manpower, and Made a Profit with Embed.

Veltmeijer Group & Embed

Leading with Innovation: How Veltmeijer Group expands across Europe with Embed enabling clear business visibility, tracking and reporting.

Fun Land of Fredericksburg & Embed

Innovative Guest Experience: How FunLand used Embed wristbands to grow sales & improve customer experience.

Scary Strokes & Embed

Mobile Wallet: How Scary Strokes adapted to the Covid situation, recovered quickly & thrive with Embed's Mobile Wallet & marketing creatives support. 

Ticket Time & Embed

Thriving During A Pandemic: How Ticket Time Increased Sales , Saved-On Manpower and Made a Profit with Embed's self-service Kiosk.

Apex Entertainment & Embed

How Apex Entertainment Expanded to 3 Locations with Embed's Integrated Solutions