Training Events Sponsored by Embed


When You Grow, We Glow.

Embed understands the importance of professional development through business training. That’s why we sponsor many organisations that are making a positive impact on the family entertainment industry to equip and empower our customers for success. These industry organisations and events are great avenues to learn, network, and grow personally and professionally.

Free Scholarship Opportunities

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, there is always something new to discover about the industry and your business. Embed is interested in fostering the growth of our customer’s businesses. We offer a number of free scholarships to some events we sponsor.

Because when you grow, we glow.

Upcoming Embed-Sponsored Training Events




Date: September 10-12, 2024

Venue: Embassy Suites Event Center, Indianapolis


Training Resources

Check out these resources from Amusement 360 and TrainerTainment Think Tank Thursdays featuring our Embed Mavericks for insider insights to help you grow your family entertainment centre.

Why System Reliability is Still the Best Bet for Success

Network outages or system failures hurt both your bottom line and the guest experience. Here are the reasons why reliability is a component of transformational growth and shouldn't be overlooked when choosing an FEC solutions provider.

Igniting Business Growth Through Insight

Is data daunting for you? Discover how smart automation tools can help you derive deep learnings from your data, allowing you to better visualise, digest, and utilise insights to create strategies to drive transformational growth.

The Story of Data and How It Can Drive Business Growth

Find out how you can make your data work for you so you can make informed business decisions through deep insights into game performance, guest behaviour and spending, inventory, manpower allocation, and revenue prediction.

Which Payment Method ​is Best for Your FEC?

Want to learn how to cut your losses and save more simply by changing your payment provider? Check out the benefits of using a cashless system and choosing the right provider from the Embed Success Squad's resident Payment Gateway Guru Jeremy Dickamore.

The Advantages of Going Cashless

In this era where consumers expect faster and easier transactions, experience the benefits of switching to a cashless system like Embed's to expand your revenue landscape, elevate your guest experience, boost your operational efficiency, and increase your profitability. 

Navigating the Pandemic 

Embed Regional Sales Manager John Keys shares how the company helped its customers survive and thrive during the pandemic with its service, solutions, and innovative measures. Here's how you can apply some of Embed's insights to your business of fun.

Using the Mobile Wallet to Heighten Guest Experience

Here's how you can maximise Embed Mobile Wallet's ease of use to elevate the guest experience, enabling them to pay and play with this virtual game card so they stay in the zone - increasing your profitability in the process.


Card System Strategies to Increase Revenue

Find out how to improve your bottom line with industry tips and tricks like deciding on a strategic pricing matrix and designing effective high-value, low-cost promotions your guests will surely love, and driving repeat play and visits.

Sales is Service

Global Head of Sales Kash Ahmad takes a deep dive into how Embed navigated the COVID-19 pandemic by going the distance in customer service and keeping FECs up and running with a reliable cashless system.

Coming to Bowl Expo 2022

Embed Regional Sales Manager John Keys shares what to expect from Embed at the International Bowl Expo, like the award-winning Mobile Wallet and EVENTS, plus other integrated solutions to ease your business.

Introducing STATS

Discover how this business intelligence dashboard jointly developed with Amazon Web Services can help you get insights from reports to make informed business decisions with near real-time data.