IAAPA Expo Europe 2024

RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands

September 24-26

Coming Soon

The biggest trade show in Europe is back!

IAAPA Expo Europe is the premier amusement showcase in the Middle East, and Africa for our industry. Join us from September 24-26, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

From the ultimate cloud-based, cashless solutions provider who brought you the award-winning Mobile Wallet, catch STATS, KIOKS+, Breakaway Game Card, and more - we're bringing our roster of integrated FEC hardware and software breakthrough innovations to IAAPA Expo Europe!

What's stopping you from going cashless?

Your problems with operational efficiency, manpower, maintenance costs, and revenue gaps can all be answered by going cashless. Even the best family entertainment centers like the Veltmeijer Group, Dave & Buster's, and Majid Al Futtaim Group agree.

Here are some of our cashless solutions to help you in driving revenue:

The Mobile Wallet is the only FEC business solution that's Apple iOS and Google Andriod compliant, with APIs that can be linked to any FEC app. This virtual can help you expand your revenue landscape, where you can enjoy a 5x increase in average reload value versus cash or credit card! Here's how.

STATS is the game-changing data visualisation dashboard Embed jointly developed with Amazon Web Services to make your business insights and reports work hard so you won't have to. This family entertainment center software is great for accessing and customising reports anytime, anywhere to make informed business decisions instantly.

smartTOUCH arcade game card readers eliminate coin and ticket jams and maintenance costs, and can be used to create low-cost, high-value bundles and promotions guests will love.

KIOSK+ is a self-service, cashless kiosk that can act as another FEC staff to manage long lines at the entrance or counter. It's great at upselling, too!

RFID Wearables and game cards give you an additional revenue stream as collectibles that create a cult following.

How much does Embed's cashless card arcade system cost?

Enjoy our IAAPA Expo Europe-exclusive offer on Mobile Wallet and STATS. Get them FREE! Schedule a meeting here to secure your slots.

See you there!



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