smartTOUCHArcade Debit Game Card Reader

With the industry’s most advanced and award-winning arcade debit game card readers.

The original inventors of the award-winning Color-Glo technology, we continue to lead the industry today with our new Embed Game Card Readers, that are unlike anything else in the market. Industry benchmark features are standard: Playwave® contactless, touchscreen, dual speaker audio, dual ticket operation and so much more. See the details.

Click on the smart-touch thumbs to see different colors and modes:

smartTOUCHTM Tap Card Reader



  • 3.2” HD touchscreen
  • Multiple bracket options to allow different orientation when mounting

smartTOUCHTM Swipe Card Reader



  • 2.8" HD touchscreen
  • Dual mag. heads improve successful card reads
  • Supports contactless cards/media and mag/ stripe cards.

TOOLKIT_smartTOUCH_Logo_Horizontal IndexGame Card Reader Features

Tap. Swipe. Profit.

Game play means revenue, the more the better, so make it seamless and easy for your guest. See the details..

  • Easy Configuration. Set up new readers with one TAP of a Playwave® Staff Card
  • Midway Mode. One attendant has full control over readers in multi-station games
  • Installers Mode. Test all game functions, including tickets, without connection to the system


TOOLKIT_smartTOUCH_Logo_Horizontal IndexImproves Guest Experience

Designed with the guest in mind, so they can enjoy the games while being delighted with engaging features and ease of use.

  • Flexible Game Play Options 
    • Celebrate without tickets during Time Play
    • Mercy tickets let guests win, even when they don’t, so they can keep playing and feel like they’re winning.
    • Set up 3 tiers of ticket payout celebrations.
  • Configurable Colour-Glo match the colour of the game console and furniture or can signify the difference between video, redemption, and merchandise games.
  • Ease of Checking Balance. Every smartTOUCH can work as check balance station showing credit, points and time balance.
  • Mobile Wallet Ready. Guests can use their mobile phone to pay, tap and play.


TOOLKIT_smartTOUCH_Logo_Horizontal IndexSaves Hassle & Time

Engineered to work with less man-hours, easy to install, operate and maintain. Best of all you can do away with tokens and tickets.

  • No more coin, token jams or claims for staff to pursue and troubleshoot.
  • No more labour-intensive coin collections and reconciliations.
  • Easy to install arcade debit game card readers. Easy to maintain and have limited impact on game cabinet.
  • Main paper ticket, convert to e-ticket, or allow dual operation with individual player preference for paper or e-ticket.


TOOLKIT_smartTOUCH_Logo_Horizontal IndexSaves Money & Grow Profits

Operational efficiency and modernizing goes a long way to increase profitability. Realise instant savings, and increase customer revenues.

  • Dramatic savings in game maintenance without ticket dust and ticket jams.
  • Operate with electronic tickets for big savings in ticket sourcing and handling costs.
  • Ticket retention rates are higher when the tickets are added to guest cards, lowers overall cost of goods sold (COGS).
  • Accept E-tickets, points or credits as payment to play games, a great option for small game rooms that do not want a redemption counter or PrizeHub.



Supercharge your Debit Game Card Reader

Combine it with the complete software solutions platform, TOOLKIT.

  • BOOKINGS allows guests to book parties and events on their own devices anytime, anywhere.
  • REPORTS gives you real-time reporting from one or many venues, along with automated scheduling and emailing of reports.
  • ASSISTANT app notifies you in real time when games, readers and kiosks are offline, so you can get back online and drive revenue.
  • CGM keeps all the data in one safe place so you don’t have to worry about losing data at the store level or maintaining a server farm
  • GURU lets you manage all your back-of-house functions and configurations for the TOOLKIT solution suite.

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