emONE - The Self-Service Kiosk That is Full Service

Increase revenues with the easy upsell features in the emONE Self Service kiosk, a full service all-in-one Kiosk with a built-in server, so you are always online and never down due to its dual-card dispenser and automatic recycling of game cards. Plus, this plug-in-play solution self-installs, so no installation costs or time wasted. See the details.

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Kiosk International Skin

Reload Kiosk


  • Separate and secure cash access (up to 1,000 bills)
  • UL Listed
  • Two Dispensers for redundancy/ capacity (800 cards)
  • Configurable upsell ability
  • Sell packages, time play and value
  • Recycle existing cards
  • Reload contactless cards and media

emONE Kiosk


all of Reload Kiosk PLUS:

  • Integrates with Baytek & Benchmark redempton systems
  • TV bracket available for TVs from 26" to 32"
  • emONE combinations:
    • emONE + PRIZES
    • emONE + Prize Hub
    • emONE + Tickets to Prizes
    • emONE + one KIOSK

TOOLKIT EMONE Self Service Kiosk for Arcades, Family Entertainment Centres and unattended game rooms

The self-service kiosk that helps you sell more for less

  • Simple self-install kiosk saves time and installation costs
  • Equipped to upgrade your unattended game room
  • Secure integrated credit card for easy guest payments
  • Guests can purchase new cards, reload existing cards, and register
  • Offer package deals including Timed Play and Attractions
  • Automatic alerts for an empty card dispenser and full cash box


TOOLKIT Re-load Kiosk for Arcades and Family Entertainment Centres

Increase your ROI with a reload kiosk

Give your customers the quick convenience of topping up their own game cards.

  • Reload existing cards
  • Customers can register cards with personal details
  • Credit card transactions
  • Check balances and card history


Kiosk International Double

TV Display

Promote your bundle and upsell offers, in-store promotions, and upcoming events with this simple optional extra and turn your kiosk into your best sales person!


Further promote offers with TV displays for your Arcade & Family Entertainment Centre

"The biggest improvement that has helped our business is installing the Embed Kiosk. With smaller staffing needed during this time, this machine has been so valuable for us. It takes the pressure off our limited staff in busier times. It’s the best investment machine I have purchased."

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Luke Philips
Managing Director, Ticket Time Australia





“David Carrera was great to work with. He was very helpful to me, patient and polite. It was an

enjoyable process. If there’s such a thing, thanks for the successful deployment of Heartland with another customer.” 


David Hanna, Hog Wild

"I would definitely recommend Embed ... everything was a seamless process.. ever since we've had the system we've had zero down time with it."

Mark Boyd 01

Mark Boyd, Fun Fore All



“Matt has been the saving grace for us here at The Castle Fun Center …his attention to detail, trouble shooting skills, and ability to follow through on everything that he said was top notch, he has followed through on literally every question I’ve had and been sure to see it through completion.”


Mike Baier, The Castle Fun Center

"The customer can load the card very easily with the kiosks and then its very simple, very engaging, very simple to use."

Luke Robinson 01


Luke Robinson, Visalia Adventure Park

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