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The Top Free Tools & Resources in The Industry for Reopening Plans

In this time of uncertainty, it’s important to do our part and support our industry’s recovery, because actions speak louder than words. Many key players in the Family Entertainment and Amusement industries have created solid support initiatives and shared their resources, knowledge, and best practices. We’ve compiled some industry resources below:

  1. FEC International Community Slack Channel: This slack channel was created as a location for industry people to share their ideas and support one another during this time of crisis. You can join the conversation here.
  2. Amusement Recovery Website: A business resource containing education and resources created to help amusement operators endure these challenging times and create a plan for recovery. Check it out here.
  3. AttractionPros Podcast COVID-19 Video Series: A video series with up-to-date information, best practices, and resources from the AttractionPros Podcast, along with special guests from throughout the industry. Watch along
  4. IAAPA Member Resources for COVID-19: Tools and resources from around the world, including webinars, educational series, and IAAPA’s Reopening Guidance. Find out more here.
  5. Embed’s COVID-19 Resource Center: Embed’s COVID-19 Resource Center helps you prepare for reopening day by delivering ready-to-use, world-class creative toolkits, as well as other resources such as a downloadable insights paper, videos with industry insiders, and inspiring blog content written in-house by the team. Access the Resource Center here.

Noteworthy mentions from the Embed COVID-19 Resource Center include the Embed COVID-19 Relief Act, giving the award-winning Mobile Wallet free for 1-year. We’ve taken it a step further, with Embed’s Mobile Wallet Creative Toolkit, enabling you to drive uptake and adoption of the Mobile Wallet with your customers and our Reopening Toolkit, providing you with all the creative you need to communicate all your safety measures, steps you are taking to mitigate risk and instructions to get ready for reopening.

With the help of these tools, you’ll be on your way to building a strong reopening plan for your FEC.

While we know that this is far from business as usual, make no mistake – Embed is going the contactless social distance with you! We’re working hard to get through this together. And together, we will!


Brittany Gooding
Brittany Gooding
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