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How to Protect Your Game Gear From Mould & Bacteria

If your facility offers games such as laser tag, paintball, go-kart, ice-hockey, rock-climbing, or VR to your guests and requires headgear, you can’t miss this. Your head gear may be the perfect environment for mould and bacteria to grow. After all, all that mould and bacteria need is a dark, moist space to germinate dormant spores invisible to the human eye.

Did you know that mould can be present on the fabric insert inside the helmet? This poses a risk of respiratory or other infections in individuals with compromised immune systems, damaged lungs, or an allergy to mould? True story. This is what happened with “This Fallout Power Armor Helmet”
How does mould and bacteria get into your head gear?

  1. Exposure - Mould and bacteria travel through the air on dust particles and land on the surfaces of your home or business. Headgear can pick up whatever is in its path - so the more concentrated of a mould space you travel in, the higher the mould and bacteria count your helmet will collect.
  2. Face/Head Sweat - Mould needs moisture, warmth, and fuel to reproduce and grow. If your skin has excess moisture, it creates the perfect environment for mould growth.
  3. Storage - Between manufacture and point of sale, or even during the lock-down period, your headgear may have been stored in highly concentrated mould and bacteria environments. In these damp environments, it is only a matter of time before a mould infestation occurs.

How to keep your head gear free of mould and bacteria?

Embed Hygiene Defence Surface Spray is non-toxic and safe for families and society’s most vulnerable: children and the elderly. Simply spray a fine mist inside and outside and let air dry (a little goes a long way.) This will neutralise any active mould, bacteria, and their spores. From time to time, vacuum inside and out of your headgear to remove spores and dead mould.

Experience the Embed Hygiene Defence difference today.

Kathleen Goy
Kathleen Goy
Global Events Maverick also known as Ba-Kao-Liao. Kathleen's role at Embed includes Global Head of Events, GTM Planning, Media, Creative and PR. Kath has a proven track record in successful high-tech mobile marketing, with 360-degree marketing planning and execution experience. Most recently, the Embed booth at Amusement Expo 2020, won the Best Booth Design Award. You can find Kathleen on Linkedin.

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