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The Evolution of Education Sessions & Events

Life doesn’t go as planned – we’re living that right now. Who could have predicted that we’d be living during a pandemic? We couldn’t have. COVID-19 changed the entire landscape of in-person events and conferences with social distancing requirements and capacity limitations. 


With physical meetings paused for the indefinite future, more businesses are looking to host virtual events in replacement of major summits and conferences to connect with and serve their customers. Many key players in the Family Entertainment and Amusement industries have gone virtual in an attempt to preserve that connection and transmit valuable information to the masses.


Take TrainerTainment as an exceptional example of taking advantage of technology and reacting swiftly. TrainerTainment delivers training and support through various channels, but most notably through online materials, eLearning, and social media. Having an existing digital presence has been a huge advantage for TrainerTainment as COVID-19 put a halt to in-person events.


“Quite frankly, I’m excited for the rest of the world to get more comfortable with this virtual platform,” said Beth Standlee, Author, Founder & CEO of TrainerTainment. “We’ve been doing it this way for a long time, and it will be interesting to see what happens.”


Standlee and team were able to shift to an entirely online platform in efforts to support their clients and industry by delivering training, support, and idea-sharing through hosting virtual events. 


TrainerTainment’s online events include:

  • Peer Talk is an industry forum to offer support through these challenging times every Wednesday at 1:00 pm CT.
  • Think Tank Thursdays offering education and conversations on topics important to FEC's each Thursday at 1:00 pm CST.
  • The Birthday Party Virtual Conference covering the 4 P’s to Success: Product, Process, People, Party! on July 16-17th. 


As TrainerTainment has demonstrated, there are several ways to host a virtual event, including webinars, Zoom calls, and moderated interview-style discussion panels. Single or multiple-day virtual conferences are possible with a combination of pre-recorded and live content.


Some of the top virtual event providers include Digitell, Evia, Intrado, ON24, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more.


Now more than ever, it’s important to remember that although we’re still apart, we’re all in this together. Hosting a virtual event, whether big or small, is a solution to maintaining a connection with your customers and partners.


TrainerTainment is proof that going digital is imperative to the success and reach of your organization. Take it from Beth, she's the prime example that it's possible to THRIVE (not only survive) during COVID-19. 

Brittany Gooding
Brittany Gooding
Content writer by day, toddler mom by night. When Brittany isn’t checking grammar or chasing her toddler, you can find her sipping coffee, watching The Office, or organizing her pen collection. You can find Brittany on LinkedIn.

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