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16 Stages of IAAPA Expo 2019

Where has the year gone?

With IAAPA Expo 2019 just around the corner in Orlando, it feels like we just left IAPPA Expo Europe in Paris.

As everyone is prepping for IAPPA, we're doing to take you through the 16-stages of attending IAAPA Expo and make the most of it.

Yes, file this under "We think the Embed team has a pretty good sense of humor."

Stage 1: Are we doing this again already? 



Stage 2: Message everyone, book all the appointments!!


Stage 3: Booking flight and hotels  


Stage 4: Packing the essentials  


Stage 5: Trying to fit a lunch break in at 3pm


Stage 6: Appointment after appointment, meeting after meeting 


Stage 7: Realizing halfway through a ‘first time’ meeting that you already had a conversation with them last night when they mention something you told them then.  


Stage 8: Forgetting the name of the person you’re speaking with and sneaking a glance at their lanyard  


Stage 9: Suddenly realizing you have a meeting on the other side of the convention center in 2 minutes  


Stage 10: Backing up for function after function after function 


Stage 11: The Farewell Party!!! 



Stage 12: Saying goodbye to your IAAPA buddies who you'll see at the next IAAPA!! 


Stage 13: Wondering what you were thinking booking such an early flight home  


Stage 14: On the plane home, ‘resting’ your eyes 

Stage 15: Trying the collect your bags at the airport. (beyond tired) 


Stage 16: Getting home and congratulating yourself on another great IAAPA! 


Headed to IAPPA?

Swing by our new trade show booth and say hi to the Embed team at Booth #1336, IAAPA Expo 2019 November 19-22 in Orlando, FL.

Come check out the latest innovations that will help your entertainment business achieve higher profits and reduce operating costs. 

Schedule a meeting with us to guarantee our special meet up!

The Embed Team
The Embed Team
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