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10 Tips For Surviving IAAPA Expo Europe

There is nothing more stressful than cramming to prepare for your trip and visit to one of the biggest Exhibitions of the year in Europe. Here’s our guide to surviving IAAPA Expo in Paris:

1. Get ready for your flight. Visa, check! Passport, check! E-ticket, check!

You may check-in in advance online and choose your seat few days or a day before your flight schedule for a smooth departure. Don’t forget to print or keep a copy of your boarding pass on your mobile phone.




2. Prepare some cash or credit card before leaving.

You can exchange some cash at the airport you are coming from just enough for emergency in case of stores or cafés which does not accept cards (very unlikely but still), 50 euros max as you don’t want to be left with so much Euros when you get back to your country of residence. Notify your credit card company that you are traveling so that they don’t think there is an unusual activity of fraud when you use it in Paris and then freeze your cards unnecessarily.




3. Avoid SALT before the flight.

This will help you with  a quicker, smoother, healthier recovery from the flight. Keep yourself hydrated to avoid headaches.

4. Jetlag Tip.

Resist taking a nap when you arrive and force yourself to stay awake until 10pm, so you can adjust to the local timezone.

5. Know how far the Expo venue is from your hotel

Walking, taking a train or taxi ride considering traffic to ensure you catch the early morning conferences on time. Buy your train card in advance if you are planning to take the tube. Check out the nearest grocery, café in google maps in case you need to stock some snacks for few days. Check out the train routes in advance to avoid getting lost! Metro lines 5, 6, 16, 15, 14 are close to the IAAPA Expo venue in Porte De Versailles.

6. At the expo

Go in calmly, arrive with enough time to have a cup of tea or coffee before entering, or failing that, take a few deep breaths. Being in a fluster does not help when you need to politely negotiate your way through to seeing where the FEC booth you're looking for is located, however a calm temperament, sufficient energy and to use your elbows does! Check out the Exhibition hall map before you go. Click here!




7. Check out the Conference and Exhibition Schedule

See how long the Expo or the conferences are on for. If you’re able to, try and schedule an appointment in advance with the FEC company you aim to meet and pencil these in your diary. This will ease the pressure off absorbing everything in one go, and you will feel more able to take your time with seeing other booths that have grabbed your attention or networking with some key people in the industry. Click here for the IAAPA Expo Europe conference schedule. Don’t feel obliged to attend every single conference on the guide if it feels like a chore – it’s OK to pick and choose, no one’s judging!

8. Use photos to document your trip for reference.

If photos are allowed, take snaps of presentations, new games which are featured at the event. Take photos of the business card contacts of key people you’ve met whom you want to connect with post the show so you have their details in case you misplace their business cards.


9. Maximise your attendance and what you paid for this Expo.

Check out the latest trends in the FEC industry; You may research about the speakers in the conferences and see who amongst them you think could inspire you in your business, you can try to catch and meet them too if possible; Note key learnings and new ideas, latest product or technology launches which could potentially benefit your company. Make a list of who you want to reach out post the event. It’s handy to take a pen and notepad from one of the conferences if you don’t have one.


10. RELAX, you survived IAAPA Expo Europe!

Now you may prepare for your flight back home and check-in online to avoid the long queues at the airport check-in counter.

The Embed Team
The Embed Team
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