Download your FREE  Mobile Wallet Creative Toolkit. Not only are we giving you the Mobile Wallet for free for a year, we are also giving you the materials to successfully launch it!

The toolkit includes the following:

  • Social Media Posts, eDM, and Banners
  • Print Ads, Billboards
  • Elevator Door Stickers, Escalator Stickers, Mall Pillar Wraps, Roll Up Banners
  • Store-front takeover, Digital Billboards & Signage
  • Table-Top Standees, Table Top Decals, Koozies, Coasters
  • Employee RSP T-shirts/Caps/Lanyards
  • Kiosk and Reader decals, wobblers, stickers
  • Instruction Sheets for Kiosks (RSP Cheat Sheets)
  • QR Code for Registration and Reload (each FEC gets their own). 

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Congratulations, you are the first to offer your guests the Mobile Wallet! 

Your decision to offer the Mobile Wallet enables you to offer a truly contactless (low-touch) safe experience to your guests and employees, stopping the spread of any viruses. Contactless payments is a must to avoid the transmission of viruses (that can live for days on cash, paper, tickets, tokens). It's the reason for Embed's Mobile Wallet (a virtual game card that sits in the consumer's mobile). 

Embed's mobile Wallet Creative Toolkit is created just for you. The objective of this toolkit is to provide you a comprehensive and robust campaign toolkit that enables you to drive uptake and adoption of the Mobile Wallet with your customers. We've created messaging that covers the entire consumer journey and creative for each customer touchpoint, from strategic to tactical, including how-to's, employee cheat-sheets (and even custom QR codes just for you). 

Download this free creative marketing toolkit to help you launch the mobile wallet so you can start driving return visits and accelerate your recovery.



Can these Creatives be Customised?

Sure! You can download working PDF files with placeholders. Placeholders are provided for logos, your URL and parts of the text. You may request for high resolution .ai files by emailing to

Zone 3 assets need to be customized with a QR code unique QR Code. We will be sending the QR code link separately once you've signed up.

Does Embed Provide Services to Edit the Creatives?
As much as we love to help our beloved clients, our own creatives assets are super stretched as well.
Are these available to non-Embed clients?

Yes, but you do need to have the Mobile Wallet before you can use these creatives. As part of the Covid Relief Act, we are providing 12 months use of the Mobile Wallet for free. Do sign up for the FREE Mobile Wallet  to help you stay contact less. 

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