Challenge: Becoming the Community Hot Spot While Upholding High Operating Standards


The Langer family opened their facility to provide the community that they’ve lived in since 1879 with a premier family destination. To execute this vision, Langer’s had to research the industry to align its goal and journey with its consumers’ needs.

Ryan Barajas, Marketing Manager, is a key player in ensuring that Langer’s Entertainment provides a seamless and consistent guest experience while maintaining operational efficiency. However, manual processes and juggling multiple vendors increase the risk of money loss and decrease operational efficiency. To combat operational oversights, Langer’s Entertainment partnered with Embed for its hardware and software solutions, including kiosks, game card readers, game cards, point of sale machines, and prize redemption system. It’s all integrated by a business software that enables clear business visibility, tracking, and reporting.

Langers Logo Red

Client: Langer's Entertainment

Overview: Langer’s Entertainment is the pride of Sherwood, Oregon, with a rich family history dating back to 1879. The building’s construction and design celebrate Oregon’s history and culture, with historically significant Oregon landmarks featured throughout the building. Long-time Sherwood resident, Terry Boatman, constructed many of the center’s furnishings, and the rock wall is designed after Smith Rock in central Oregon.